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What I Wore Sunday, November 10, 2013

WIWSunday, November 10, 2013

I disappointed myself today.

My husband has been on this kick about the Big Things he wants to teach our sons, the important things that we kind of overlook as important sometimes. Life’s little lessons that aren’t really so little. He wants to present them in age appropriate bites of knowledge, so at this point, it would be things like, “Be brave.”

Not Brave

I wasn’t brave today.


I’m not good at confrontation, even when I know what is being said or done is wrong. I second guess myself. I doubt whether I should be involved, step forward, if it’s my place stick up for someone else. It’s part of my personality though; I like to think things through — often to the point of overthinking — before doing something. While one might argue that course of action is better than impulsivity, it sometimes results in a lack of doing anything. At all. That’s not good either. I struggle to find that middle ground.

No Sweater

My lack of action this morning bothered me all day. I took a nap, something I rarely do, and woke up with the issue in my head and on my heart. I figured that functioned as some kind of sign, so I made some calls and put wheels in motion to rectify the situation at hand. I feel upset that I didn’t step in right away, especially as our Pastor’s sermon focused on taking care of others.

I hope to add to the conversation with our sons about being brave after the lessons I learned today. Sometimes being brave means taking time to think it through, to do a thorough gut-check and make sure that you’re following the right course of action. Sometimes being brave means thinking twice. Sometimes being brave means making a phone call even when you just want to ignore what happened.

Sometimes being brave means stepping forward when you just want to sit back.

Be brave.

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What I Wore Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, October 27, 2013

I took two weeks off from writing and sharing What I Wore Sunday both in this place and on Instagram. Two weeks ago, I took the photos, but fell asleep before I blogged. Last week, well, you all know what I wore.

The time off wasn’t necessary; I don’t feel bogged down by this particular series on the blog. I was talking with my husband this morning about a friend’s daughter and how she liked to dress nicely and had an interest in fashion; I said I loved that about her. He raised an eyebrow at me as if to say, “NO WAY.” I do like fashion, dressing nice, and generally feeling good not only in my own skin but in the clothes I put on top of my skin. Feeling good in both feels great.

The two week break gave me time to reflect on where I started — this time last year.

#wiwsunday Brown pants that are no longer too tight, cami that is too big, shirt that is almost too big, belt, two #liasophia necklaces and earrings. And a smile. Holla.
First Sunday of November, 2012

And where I am today.

Necklace: Improv by lia sophia
Last Sunday of October, 2013

A year ago, I said I would never write this series here on the blog. I was just going to share some collage pictures on Instagram. Why? It felt safer. I didn’t have to put words to my pictures; I just had to share my outfits. After talking with friends and making the decision to start the series here on the blog, I didn’t quite know how or what to write every week once I took the leap of faith to share it here in January of this year. For awhile, I wrote only about the clothes. And that was fine, but it evolved along the way into a place to share stories — sometimes about clothes, sometimes about being a wife or mother or friend, sometimes about life as it happens. The posts here became less about “I like this dress” and “gee, aren’t these shoes swell,” and more about doing what I do: taking photos and writing words.

Buttery Leather Black Boots

And now, after a two week break after a year of consistently sharing my Sunday outfits, I feel ready and willing to continue. I enjoy having made the shift away from iPhone only photos to using my camera. Though that meant today’s photos weren’t taken until late afternoon, thus I don’t look as “fresh” in either face or clothes wrinkles due to a full day of Sunday School, church, lunch, the last soccer game of the season, trying to find a pumpkin patch that still had pumpkins, and failing. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get the photos taken, to get the post written — like two weeks ago when I fell asleep before I could blog. Sometimes other things are more important on a Sunday — like the half marathon last weekend.

Love this outfit

For now, know that I plan on continuing this series. It makes me happy to share one of the outfits that I put together. (And because I’m asked so much, yes, I dress like this five days out of seven on average. Yes, I was that girl in high school who wore skirts and dresses while everyone else wore sweatpants.) I plan on writing stories as I have been instead of talking specifically about clothes (unless the story is about clothes) or rambling on about writing — or not writing — like in this post.

And, more over, I reserve the right to miss a week when life calls for me to be elsewhere, doing other things. It’s okay. I promise.