Living Life

Our Lives are Growing, Changing

I got all emotional yesterday. My best friend is having a baby at the end of March and yesterday was her baby shower. Perhaps I should back up. I didn’t just get emotional yesterday. I got emotional planning and buying her gifts. I got emotional  in the card aisle as I tried to find one that conveyed what I was feeling… and failed. I got emotional as I wrote out her card and tried to say what I was feeling in my own words… and failed. I got emotional on the way to her shower. I got emotional when I saw her as I walked in, looking like the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. (Yes, folks, she even beats me on the Cute Pregnant Mama scale!) I got emotional as we made eye contact a few times. And when she opened my present? Pfft. Good thing I invested in good eyeliner recently. But my mascara was not waterproof. Figures.

I was sitting with another one of my close friends, someone else who stood as a bridesmaid at my wedding. (All three of us went to college together.) She brought her five month old son. LittleBrother didn’t interact much with her son but it was fun to see them next to one another. (BigBrother, not known for the ability to stay quiet or not help people unwrap presents, stayed home with FireDad.) As we discussed what gender we thought my Best Friend’s baby would be, I got emotional either way. Someone has to have a girl out of the three of us has to have a girl. Plus, then either LittleBrother or my friend’s son could marry this girl! (You know I’m all about the arranged marriage!) But how fun would it be for us all to have boys? I think she’s carrying high and that notoriously means a girl. That said, my pregnancy with BigBrother was carried very high. He’s very much a boy. Who knows.

Our Friendship Gets NoisierI look at this picture and I’m just overcome. We’ve been through a lot, together and separately, over the span of our friendships. None of us are the same people were were in 1999 or 2000. (Thank goodness!) We’ve grown. We’ve changed. We have celebrated our engagements and our weddings. We have mourned, comforted and consoled each other through various losses. We have entered the adult world and held jobs at various places, all choosing different professions with their own challenges. And now, with another baby about to join the picture, we’ve added to our families. We’ll continue to grow and change, of course, but I’d like to think that in another eight and a half years (since that’s when we all met), we’ll still be good friends. And maybe they’ll have more kids.

Because the FireFamily is straight up done with that. I’ll tell you all about it (“it” being POOP) tomorrow.