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Hollow Rock 2011: What I Remember

I don’t remember much because the heat fried my brain. Honestly. Hottest campmeeting ever. I melted twice. And once, when the electricity to the whole campground went out, I went into panic mode about melting, but there was a breeze and I didn’t melt. Good thing. I am quite sure that if you melt three times in one week, you can’t un-melt.

So, the things I remember from this year that might come in handy next year:

1) We plan these great meals, but it’s too hot to cook, so we eat sandwiches all week. And that’s okay. I probably would have lost weight with my diet of tomato sandwiches — except for those ice cream cones we got every night after service. The melting, however, made ice cream cones a necessity.

2) Ice packs for your injured back help keep you cool during service. Hooray for being injured… I guess.

3) My mother wakes up at ridiculous hours. However, sitting downstairs over a cup of coffee before the boys wake up and go-go-go non-stop all day is really good for my mental state of being.

4) My family is awesome. Loud. Aggravating at times. But awesome.

5) My kids will sleep in! Both of them! BigBrother made it to almost 9:00am one day. But he had been up an hour past his 8:30 bedtime the night before. And had been doing the go-go-go play with his friends and brother that whole day. And went-went-went that whole day too. Which made for a boy who fell asleep in service that night. So, mental note: Make sure they’re actually getting the sleep they need.

Also: caterpillars bite (wha?), personal hotspot connections are a Godsend for the freelance writer and editor even if your only 3G connection is at the very tippy top of your cottage, makeup is totally overrated, laughter fixes boo-boos, sleep is good and the anti-glare Kindle screen makes for great reading while stuck in the playground while your kids play for hours.

I also remember my sons learning more about God (and, uh, lime) and falling in love with Hollow Rock, making their own memories and friends and generally soaking up an experience I had prayed for them to have.



They gave me a run for my money on various days, but these two gooberheads are why I endured the heat, the family craziness and the lack of real Internet connection for nine days… and why I’ll do it again next year.