17 Days of Green What I Wore

17 Days of Green, 2014: Week One

Coming off of two months of not really wearing more than yoga pants and workout gear, getting into the spirit of 17 Days of Green by actually getting into my closet felt a little challenging. At first. Now, with one week under my (green) belt, I’m reminded how much I love green and clothing I already own.

A friend asked this week if I have a game plan for what I’m wearing on which day. Answer: Nope. I totally fly by the seat of my pants, the main bonus being that my wardrobe is largely comprised of lovely green things. It’s pretty easy for me to pick. I do have a general idea of what I might like to wear on our Pittsburgh getaway this coming weekend. And I have something really cool, or three really cool somethings, to wear this week sent to me from my great aunt. But otherwise, yeah, this is just me, wearing green clothes.

17 Days of Green: Day 1

17 Days of Green: Day 2

17 Days of Green: Day 3

17 Days of Green: Day 4

17 Days of Green: Day 5

17 Days of Green: Day 6

17 Days of Green: Day 7

17 Days of Green: Day 8
I had no energy to take a “real” picture after this 13.1 Pittsburgh Marathon training run, so an Instagram compilation has to suffice!

17 Days of Green: Day 9

Notes from this week: My shamrock necklace broke today. I feel devastated. I don’t know if I have enough time to grab any from Etsy that would be delivered in time for us to leave on Friday. I’m really kind of sad about it. I love my shamrock necklace and wear it as a casual, everyday necklace much of the year.

If you’re wondering, I have lots of green left for this week and into the official St. Patrick’s Day celebration next Monday. Don’t worry!


17 Days of Green What I Wore

What I Wore February

Remember in January when I was all, “Oh! I’m going to wear more real clothes in February and not just live in my pajamas.” Yeah. So optimistic. It’s like I had no idea that all of the snow and ice and cold would continue to keep us stuck indoors, stuck in a rut, stuck stuck stuck. Add in some medical issues and a stomach virus and the Winter Olympics which required sitting on the couch for hours upon hours and a general lack of desire to do anything, and well, February was a fashion bust.

Necklace and Bracelets

Callie Helped

Wrinkly Skirt, Oh Well

Gray top: Kinzie Top at Groopdealz. Maxi Skirt:
Necklace and wide bracelet: lia sophia, retired. Yellow bracelet: Mingle by lia sophia.
Sequined shoes: Bongo.

February Running Collage

Running Shoes: Rouge Red/Green Apple Mizuno Wave Rider 16. Gray Capris: Lima Capri by Fabletics.
Pink Top: Everlast.
Running Shoes: Blazing Orange Mizuno Wave Rider 16.

Leaf Necklace


Off White Sweater Tunic: Sarah Tunic at Groopdealz.
Leaf Necklace: Efflorescence by lia sophia. Gold Bracelets: For You Bracelets.

But it’s okay. Today is March 1st which means that it’s the first day of my Third Annual 17 Days of Green. I wore green both during my run and when I got dressed for the day today. As always, I’ll be chronicling my green outfits and other greenery on Instagram via the #17daysofgreen hashtag. It’s always fun to play along, so feel free to join in. I’ll share a weekly round up of All Things Green here on the blog on the next two Sundays.

Here’s hoping that a nice theme will break me out of my sweatpants phase. (Though, as I’m writing this, I’m wearing green sweatpants. So…)