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52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Two Weeks of #HatfieldXmas15

#HatfieldXmas15 + 52 Weeks of Brotherhood update: Last Wednesday, my iPhone was in a plastic bag with rice. When I went to grab a picture for 52 Weeks of Brotherhood off of my iCloud account, I realized I hadn’t set up the photos to backup to iCloud when I got my new phone. In September.


Thankfully the Rice Bag was magical yet again and my phone works just fine.

#HatfieldXmas15, November 29

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Two Weeks of #HatfieldXmas15

What? You don’t pretend like the Christmas tree measuring stick is a bazooka? Your Christmas tree farm visit must be boring.

#HatfieldXmas15, December 6

Our Advent activities are also going along mostly swimmingly. The boys really enjoyed baking cookies the other night as they did almost all of the work.

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Two Weeks of #HatfieldXmas15

Someone is being bossy in this photo. Can you tell which brother is doing the bossing?

I broke the egg because our chickens have tough shells and I wanted to crunch down on M&Ms and not eggshell. Details.

We’re really trying to make the most of this busy season by spending time together as a family. It’s hard sometimes, with everything going on, but we’re doing as well as can be expected.

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52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Three Year Age Gap. Again.

Three Years Apart. Again.

The picture says it all.

One brother feels pretty darn smug that for the next six days he looks as though he’s three years older than his brother. You see, BigBrother turned ten yesterday. LittleBrother won’t turn eight until the 24th, one week after his older brother’s birthday. As such, for seven days, the boys are ages 10 and 7.

One brother doesn’t find this as amusing, you see.

I personally love this. For six days each year, my brother is only seven years younger than me. And for 18 days each year, I’m two years older than my husband instead of just one. I think things like this are just fun and fascinating.

Something tells me LittleBrother will find this more amusing as the years go by.

Me too.