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Don’t Forget to Nominate Your #ThanksgivingHero

I just wanted to remind everyone to nominate your #ThanksgivingHero before the November 15th deadline. I wrote about it last week, but I’ll remind you. A “Thanksgiving Hero” is anyone who regularly works on Thanksgiving. Think: police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, retail workers, gas station employees, other essential staff. They’re apart from their families on the holiday so that you can be with yours.

Now I’ll share the nomination I sent in for this awesome initiative.

My #ThanksgivingHero

My #ThanksgivingHero

My #ThanksgivingHero is more than just my hero on Thanksgiving. He’s my every single day hero, and I’ve been married to him for nearly eleven years.

He spent eight years in the Army National Guard, worked as a Paramedic, and landed a job at the city fire department right after we got married. He works tirelessly, 24 hours at a time, not only to provide for our family, but to care for the citizens of our town. He’s a hand-on dad, a lover of the vacuum, and cleans the chicken coop without complaint. He’ll be at work this Thanksgiving, and we’ll miss him terribly.

He’s been my rock, my personal comedian, my best friend, my cheerleader, my motivation, my love, my everything for over a decade now. Without him, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thankful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel that we have him in our lives.

I won’t be mad if your hero beats my hero, so go ahead and nominate your #ThanksgivingHero today.

La Brea Bakery: Nominate Your HeroThe host of this awesome contest is La Brea Bakery. They’re the leading artisan bread in the United States, and is sold in 7,000-7,500 retail outlets and chains nationwide. You can follow La Brea Bakery for more updates on the campaign and future discounts on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of La Brea Bakery.

fire life Holidays

Nominate Your Thanksgiving Hero

As you know, my husband is a firefighter. It has its perks, like lots of time spent playing on fire trucks.

Thanksgiving Hero Time: Cleaning the Fire Trucks

Or cleaning them. Either or.

My husband’s fire station works on a 24/48 schedule, meaning that he works for 24 hours and then has 48 hours off. Sometimes that works out great, and sometimes that means he works on holidays. Like Thanksgiving.

Like this year.

It’s the sacrifice he makes as a firefighter: serving others who need it, no matter the day. It’s also the sacrifice we make as his supportive family. This year it’s our turn, but next year he should be home on Thanksgiving. You know how it goes.

You Can Nominate a Thanksgiving Hero

La Brea Bakery: Nominate Your Thanksgiving HeroI bring this up because La Brea Bakery is running a Thanksgiving promotion where users will be encouraged to nominate their “Thanksgiving Hero”—people you know and love who regularly work on Thanksgiving serving others (such as firefighters, police, waiters, etc.). La Brea Bakery will deliver fully catered meals to five finalists across the nation on Thanksgiving. Submissions close on November 15, 2015.

I know I’m going to nominate my husband (and, therefore, his entire shift) since they’re working on Thanksgiving. I encourage you to nominate those in your communities who will work this year. It’s a simple way for you to show your own gratefulness for their sacrifice.

Nominate your Thanksgiving Hero today!
And then check out La Brea on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for more updates and future discounts.

CONTEST ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS: To submit an entry click the “Thanksgiving Heroes” tab to create your form submission by including: your first and last name; zip code; email address; an essay of 100 words or less telling about your family member that you will be unable to share Thanksgiving dinner with and submit at least one photograph showing both you and your family member that you will be unable to share Thanksgiving dinner with. Submissions must be received by November 15th 2015. Finalists will be announced November 17th 2015, after which the public will have a chance to vote for their favorites through November 20th 2015.

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of La Brea Bakery.