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52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Two Weeks of #HatfieldXmas15

#HatfieldXmas15 + 52 Weeks of Brotherhood update: Last Wednesday, my iPhone was in a plastic bag with rice. When I went to grab a picture for 52 Weeks of Brotherhood off of my iCloud account, I realized I hadn’t set up the photos to backup to iCloud when I got my new phone. In September.


Thankfully the Rice Bag was magical yet again and my phone works just fine.

#HatfieldXmas15, November 29

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Two Weeks of #HatfieldXmas15

What? You don’t pretend like the Christmas tree measuring stick is a bazooka? Your Christmas tree farm visit must be boring.

#HatfieldXmas15, December 6

Our Advent activities are also going along mostly swimmingly. The boys really enjoyed baking cookies the other night as they did almost all of the work.

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Two Weeks of #HatfieldXmas15

Someone is being bossy in this photo. Can you tell which brother is doing the bossing?

I broke the egg because our chickens have tough shells and I wanted to crunch down on M&Ms and not eggshell. Details.

We’re really trying to make the most of this busy season by spending time together as a family. It’s hard sometimes, with everything going on, but we’re doing as well as can be expected.

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