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Yesterday I ran 82 degree temperatures, the sun beating down on my already burnt shoulders. Today I pulled my denim jacket closely around myself to keep the cool wind from ripping it off. They say about Ohio weather, “If you don’t like it, wait a minute.” It will change. It always changes.

Just like the air around me, everything in my life seems to constantly change. What my sons are interested in, whether or not the dog will eat from day to day, what the Internet wants to read, what I want to share; always changing.

For the longest time, I resisted change, fought back against anything new or different. I enjoy and rely on routine, on things being where they should when they should. I thrive when I make lists and plans and stick to set goals. It’s part of my Type-A personality, I suppose.

But sometimes things change without warning. Sometimes you realize you need change. Sometimes change is a welcome and comforting friend.

Maybe it’s time to not only embrace change, but to help it along. Put down the lists and the Five-Year Plan and breathe the deep breaths of a woman evolving.



Based on today’s Literary Mama Writing Prompt: The Feel of Change.

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