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Birthday Party Family

Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday party indeed. Our boys are very loved by some really awesome people.

Including us.



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Aww… what a lovely photo! And I’m delighted to hear the party went well! This photo very fitting to what I’ve been doing afternoon! ;-) I decided to have some fun going over all of your archives looking for birthday party photos. But then, I ended up looking at all the Easter, beach, family photo & some other ones in addition to birthdays! ;-) Right now I’m in 2011, a few more years to go & lots of fun. I was reading my comment from 2011 delurking date & I’m pleased to say that I actually have a DATE for my trip your way. It’ll be in June 2016 (around the 15th) — I have a conference there. I hope it doesn’t coincide with your trip to the beach!

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