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Sunday Links: November 2, 2014

This Week

Goodness, I read a lot of good stuff this week. As a bonus, it’s now officially November. I’ve already subscribed to two new blogs because of NaBloPoMo and will continue to read posts and subscribe to new blogs all month long. I will share some of my favorites here with you on Sundays—as time allows. I have a race next Sunday. Sometimes I move link posts on race days. We’ll see!

Courage Today: I needed to read this today, now, in all that is going on for so many reasons, spoken and unspoken. I probably need to purchase some “courage” “today” bracelets. And maybe buy lots of them and hand them out to people who look like they need them at any given moment.

Self-Care for the Highly Sensitive Parent: Oh my goodness! Minus the fact that I do not homeschool, this is me. That said, I think I need to go back to waking up earlier than the boys. I think it would help my day start off right.

Trick or Treat: Minus the fact that my rural trick-or-treating looked different (it involved cars and coats and ten mile drives between houses), but oh yes, the present day stuff. I don’t know how many times I said, “Use your manners” to the boys during trick-or-treating. Interesting, isn’t it? The changes. Interesting.

Teamwork: This made me smile all the big smiles. Look at them go!

Why We Love Your Post, “Why We Hate All Your 13.1 Stickers”: I’m currently sporting a 26.2 and I don’t care if you hate it. Why? This: “We’re taught to show-and-tell as children. To be excited about something and project it. Then, we’re shamed for it as adults. If humans could stop shaming each other, life could be a far less miserable experience. For everyone.”

Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom: The writing in this piece is so exquisite. And true. And whoa. And everything.

The Ocean, Like Breathing (A Poem): The ocean is my place. My happy place, my breathing place, my everything place. So this poem hit all the feels in all the ways.

Talking to the Non-Adopted about Adoption: Lots of wisdom here. Read it and listen to the author’s advice: Listen.

Voices in My Head: Suz wrote this post in response to my Voices post. We also had some offline conversations about where the voices we hear come from, and she’ll be following up with another post soon. I look forward to reading it.

I’m especially excited to read all the new NaBloPoMo blog posts this week. Did you read anything great this week?


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Getting up ahead of the rest of the family? Sure sounds like a worthy goal, albeit one I do not recall ever having personally achieved. I’m pretty sure our first-born son served as our alarm clock from the day he was born until the day he entered high school. From the time stamp on this post, it looks like you might be on the way to making this particular good intention a reality.

Good for your to take on the task of blogging every day! I am not sure I could be that disciplined. I am new to blogging and really hung up on my content (we are always hypercritical of ourselves. I need to be better about posting more frequently and maybe your recent endeavor will inspire all of us to jump in with both feet! Good luck

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