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Friday Five: Running Things I Currently Love or Lust After

Last week I shared fall things I love. This week, one week away from the Columbus Half Marathon, I’m sharing some running things I’m either currently loving/using or busy lusting after for various reasons. I love running gear and running things. I could have made this list really long.

1. Columbus Marathon Personalized Print.

JHill Design Columbus Marathon Print

I was going to place my order for this JHill Design Columbus Marathon print, but I’ll wait until after the race so I can put my time on the piece. She’s also working on one for Pittsburgh in the spring (YES!). If you check out her site, she has a number of great marathons, including this weekend’s Chicago Marathon. If you have a marathon runner in your life or you just want to commemorate your own run, this would be a great gift for them/for yourself. I can’t wait to hang one in my office!

2. Mizuno Wave Sayonara.

Wave Sayonara

I switched Mizuno shoes. Mizuno has always been the best for my feet as their arch support matches my ridiculously high arches and their narrower toe box means a less sloppy fit than other brands. Also, they’re so lightweight. When I put on other brands, I’m shocked at how heavy and clompy they are. Previously, I had been running in the Wave Rider because they felt fine. The Wave Rider 17 made some changes to the toe that I didn’t quite like, but they still worked. I stocked up on 16s for awhile and hoped for something better in the 18. But then I discovered the Wave Sayonara. YOU GUYS. It’s so lightweight. It hits my arch so perfectly. It holds my foot so it doesn’t roll all over the place. I love, love, love them. I stocked up on this past year’s release in both of these amazing colors, and I’m waiting for the price to drop a little on the Wave Sayonara II because, OMG LOOK AT IT YOU GUYS.

Wave Sayonara II

Tell me that shoe doesn’t SCREAM Jenna right in your FACE. I’m hoping the changes in the 2 will keep my feet happy. But I have two more pair of 1s to get through first! (I strongly recommend stocking up when you find a shoe that fits your foot. Always.)

3. Skullcandy Earbuds.

Skullcandy Earbuds

Remember when I told you about my Skullcandy earbuds? Well, I’m still in love with them. In fact, I buy them for everyone who starts running. I just replaced my pair, giving my old, still-working ones to LittleBrother who had a pair of cheapies that refused to not break. My old ones still work just fine, but I wanted the updated Mic 3 on the newer version. Why? These suckers are also great for conference calls. I can’t hear a thing when my kids come in the office and I have both buds in as they’re noise cancelling. That means I can get through a conference call while they’re roughhousing elsewhere in the house and not be disturbed. BONUS! Now that they offer a Mic 3, I can pause, skip songs, and adjust volume while running, answer calls and adjust volume while using them with my phone. Love, love, love.

4. Fabletics.


Ain’t gonna lie, that’s an affiliate link, but I’d tell you to buy some even if I didn’t get anything out of it. Here’s why: OMG THE BEST QUALITY EVER OMG. The running tights, the capris, the tanks, the shirts, the everything: so amazing. I’ve found pieces that work amazing for running: The Syndey, Nadi, and Salar Leggings for winter running. The Suva Run Short (I or II) and the Suki Short for summer running. The Yalu Jacket for running in wind or rain. The Rio Run and Lima Capris and for transition season running. The Versatile Cap (it has a pocket) to keep the sun/wind/rain out of your eyes. The NEW Fleece Tech Glove as it’s a breathable glove WITH tech fingers. And as far as bras go, nothing has ever come close to the Koia Sports Bra for running, though the Ayni comes close. ALL of their tanks are fine for running; no rubbing or bad seams. I have many other pieces that are either better for yoga or low impact (none of their other bras work for my bosom and running), but all mentioned are my go-to pieces for running. The above pictured outfit is the one I bought this month. I’m gonna rock those leggings all winter.

5. Body Glide.

Body Glide

No other “anti-chafe” “chub rub” stick/cream/ointment will do. I believe quite strongly that generics are okay except for Cheerios, Cream Cheese, and Body Glide. (Also, Amish butter is the best better.) Don’t risk it. Stick with Body Glide brand. They recently updated their packaging and they look all 21st century fancy. Good job, Body Glide. Thanks for protecting my thighs, and, with your liquified powder, my husband’s nipples. YOU WIN.


What do you love for running right now? Anything I should check out at the Columbus Marathon Expo next weekend?


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I’ve never tried Mizuno. I’ll have to check them out!

Also? Earbuds. I’ve always just used my Apple standards. I had some Sony over the ear for a while that worked just fine till they broke. Meh. I’ll have to check out skullcandy. My ears are weird and I swear they’re freak size/shaped because the buds never really stay put. But I can always use good earbuds! Especially because we are going handsfree when driving in Austin come January.

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