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A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

We just saw you in person last week. The boys also wrote their annual letter to you, asking — as always — for just one thing. I think they had more fun drawing a picture of you and a self-portrait on this particular template. I also love that they came up with their own things that they did well this year. BigBrother said he has made a lot of Star Wars origami, and that he makes a lot of books (but he never finishes). LittleBrother said he was good at listening, reading, and math. They’re both telling the truth.

I know, as do you, that they’ll get the one gift they asked for this Christmas.

BB's Letter

But that’s not why I’m writing.

My heart is heavy this year. I know that lots of good people are doing lots of good things to make sure kids have a great Christmas this year — kids who otherwise wouldn’t. That’s what’s bothering me of course, the otherwise wouldn’t part of it.

We’re doing our part — donating to our local Secret Santa program, making donations to a number of local organizations that care for other people. I feel that teaching these two boys about the importance of giving, of taking care of other people, ranks as one of the top things I can pass on to them.


But all of these things are just things.

I know that there are people struggling, emotionally, this season… in all seasons. I want, more than anything, to let those who are feeling on edge, desperate, depressed, alone, fearful, anxious, and generally hopeless that people care for them, about their well-being, about their future. I don’t quite know how to do that myself, other than being present and available.

I know a lot of people trust in your magic, in the hope you bring this time of year.

LB's Letter

I was hoping maybe you could spread a little of that hope, that magic, that love, that something to those who need it most this year. I’ve been someone who needed the light of hope and magic during this time of year; I know how bleak the holidays can feel in light of loss and self-loathing. I don’t want that for other people, this year or any year.

So maybe when you’re out giving gifts, taking care of people with stuff, maybe you could pass on the light of love and hope and joy, too. Okay?


3 replies on “A Letter to Santa”

Beautifully said, Jenna, And while we’re here, am I the only one who has noticed how much Big Brother is starting to resemble his very own Fire Dad? I bet if you can find a photo of Fire Dad at that same age, they’d look like twins!

Peace on earth, goodwill toward all. …..

Also, just wanted to add that I think BB looks like FireMom and LB looks like FireDad.

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