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What I Wore Sunday, November 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, November 17, 2013

Eight years ago, I didn’t really have a style. I mean, other than the obvious fact that eight years ago today I was rocking a hospital gown.

Mom and Dad


Besides that forcible non-fashion that followed nine months of maternity wear, I didn’t really know how to dress. Not for my body type, not for my lifestyle, not for my likes in texture and color. I had ideas of how I might like to dress, and they showed up here and there in special occasion outfits like my wedding shower, a friend’s wedding shower, and so on. But for the normal day-to-day, I didn’t know what I wanted to wear or, if I did, I didn’t know how to pull it off.

lia sophia jewelry, Cato sweater and dress

I’m not saying that becoming a mother made my fashion. It didn’t directly change how I dressed or presented myself to the world, other than I occasionally went out in public looking bedraggled because, well, I was bedraggled. Children, especially babies, have a literal way of sucking the life right out of you, but you still have to run to the store in order to buy food to keep the family alive. I will not apologize for the yoga pants and spitup shirts of days gone by nor will I apologize for the yoga pants and pullover I wore while shopping yesterday. I had just ran for the first time since my foot injury, but needed to go out and grab some last minute stuff for BigBrother’s birthday today.

lia sophia jewelry, Cato dress

However, being a mother has shaped the way I see myself, and not really in many very negative ways.

Yes, I weigh more than I did before any of my babies came to be. I also have some lovely curves that I attribute to their pregnancies. I also have some killer runner’s legs now. You’ll hear no complaints from me on any of these things. Mainly, I see myself frequently as my boys see me: as their beautiful Mommy.

That’s enough for me, for now, for maybe always.

Happy Birthday, BB!

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So much to say on this one!
1. Happy Birthday, BB. Hope your day was awesome.
2. I, too, have rocked yoga pants and spit-up shirts in public lately. Many times. I am not ashamed. And I will do it many more times, of that I feel certain. And still not feel ashamed.
3. Great dress, great jewelry, great smiles. You look happy. Despite the foot injury and having to run around town to make your oldest feel extra special on his day. :)
4. That last picture of you and BB is a framer. Definitely.

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