A Day at Camp


HR Mornings

HR Mornings

HR Mornings

BB Walks the Steps

My Mom's Amazing Lilies

LB Walks the Steps






5 replies on “A Day at Camp”

I know you’re totally going to find a way to steal that lovely couch so you can drag it home…right?!?!

Says the woman who has owned some of the ugliest couches in history.

That piece of gloriousness was my maternal-paternal great-grandmother’s couch. She used to cover it in plastic, so it’s in the best. shape. ever. Everyone who comes to our cottage marvels at its ugliness. I adore it to pieces.

This reminds me of how I found you. I was on the BlogHer site and they had just announced the date for one of the conferences. You commented your disappointment because it overlapped with Camp. I commiserated because it overlapped with my NOAH conference (event for people with albinism). I followed the link to your blog (then a different name) and the rest is history :) That was before LB, it may even have been before BB. Sheesh time flies and things change no? Wish I were going to be in Chicago this week. It will be crazy, but have a great time!

That seems like eons ago!

Yes, for a few years there, the overlap between the two didn’t happen. They moved BlogHer back a week this year and thus, overlap. I’m bummed, but it’s life.

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