Why Is National Running Day in June?

National Running Day, June 5

June 5th happens to be National Running Day. I think that’s stupid. National Running Day should be in February or even March or November… or something that isn’t ridiculously humid, leaving me a sweaty, disgusting mess.

But I ran.

While I was running, I noticed that the honeysuckle is in bloom. The smell, almost overwhelming in spots on my run, reminded me to take deeper breaths, to be in control of my breathing. The new Mizuno shoes that I am breaking in as of yesterday made me feel like I was floating on air. Again. The salty sweat dripping into my eyes reminded me that I need to change my contacts. Ow.

The feeling of finishing up my three mile run washed over me, making me smile despite the half-blinding-salty-sweat in my eyes. The sun setting over the countryside filled me up, replacing everything I left out on the country roads.

I run to be the best me. I run because I can. I run because it makes me happy, whole.

2 replies on “Why Is National Running Day in June?”

No, no, no – not February! I hate running in February!

I could get behind March or November, though. :)

I was glad yesterday was unseasonably cool; made it easier to log my 4 miles… xo

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