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Goodbye, Preschool

Preschool is over.

Last Day of Preschool

Not just for the year.

Last Day of Preschool


Last Day of Preschool

Last month, we wrote our last tuition check until college. Today we said goodbye to teachers who have been a part of our family since 2008. In the drop off line this morning, LittleBrother asked me, “Do you think Kindergarten will be fun?” I assured him that it would be, even though mentioning the word Kindergarten made my stomach do flips and flops.

Funny Face Time on Last Day of Preschool

I am not feeling ready for this, but he is. He’s angry that he has to wait all summer to go to school. He’d happily go tomorrow. He’s so ready, whether I am or not. I will struggle all summer with the letting go, and he will continue to grow and change and become the next version of who he is, who he will be. I will look at old pictures and ask, “Where did my baby go?” I will compare the then to the now.

Like this:

First Day in September 2010 || Last Day in May 2013
First Day in September 2010 || Last Day in May 2013

He will laugh his laugh, tell me that he loves me. He will read me a book, and ask for me to read to him. We will have a summer together as a family… before everything changes. Again. Always with that change, I tell you.

Last Day of Preschool, Holding First Day Photo
Looking back at the first day of this year.

This year in preschool he grew — physically and educationally. He got that reading thing down to the surprise of teachers and parents alike. He became more of himself this year, which includes lots of joking and tricking and generally being Booey. I have plans to keep the learning going this summer, but I have a feeling that, like most days, he’ll be teaching me a thing or two.

Last Day of Preschool Holding First Day Photo

Congratulations, Booey. I’m looking forward to spending the summer with you… and seeing who you become next year.

Last Day of Preschool Holding First Day Photo

8 replies on “Goodbye, Preschool”

That describes him perfectly: mischief and snuggles. He’s my trickster and my little lover, always quick with an “I love you, Mommy!”

That BurghBaby chick is smart (and a good blogger and fabulous photographer) == new chapter, continuation of the story, and oh holy heck he is one cute kid.

Also, the holding of the photo, I keep meaning to tell Jenn to do that with JMP. I’m doing it RIGHT NOW so she will do it because I think it’s fabulous. So adorable.

She is kind of smart, isn’t she?

I almost forgot to print the pictures this year. I had a last minute scramble, but I’m always so pleased with how it turns out.

Exactly – what BurghBaby says. Your boy is leveling up, is all. :) (I can say this now because my girls are through with pre-school and through with kindergarten. When it was me, I was a weepy mess! Sniffle with pride – you and FireDad are doing a great job!!)

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