Dyeing Eggs Is for the Birds (I Like Birds)

Every year.

Every year I think, “Well, we have to dye eggs! Because that’s what you do at Easter time!”

Easter Eggs, 2013

It’s as if some Men in Black mind eraser comes and wipes my mind clear of the hassle and mess and whining and fuss and general fail that is dyeing eggs. Every. Single. Year.

Easter Eggs, 2013

And every single year, I get everything all set up with the boys and my husband.

Easter Eggs, 2013

And every single year, we fail. Nothing ever ends up as it is intended. The eggs are never as bright or as shiny or as perfect or as pretty or as whatever as I initially set out to achieve.

But every single year… we get something unique

Easter Eggs, 2013

…forcing me to remember that perfection is totally overrated. You might start out going for the perfect Easter egg, whatever that means. Somewhere in the midst of not having enough vinegar and putting too much water in the cups because you didn’t read all of the directions before you started in the first place and more whining and the dog licking lemon juice off of your slipper and more whining and much parental sighing, you might end up with something kind of cool. Like accidentally super-pasteled with randomly spotted and striped tie-dyed eggs.

Easter Eggs, 2013

All that said, someone point me to this post the day before I say we’re going to dye eggs next year so I can buy enough vinegar, only put a half cup of water in each cup, and, I don’t know, leave town or something.

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I have to admit I hate dyeing eggs. So I always plan a trip to the grandparents or a playdate with a mom who is able to get excited about the process. Because I hate the mess. I really do.

This year we are dyeing egg with my sister’s kids at her house. The past 2 years it has been at my house. Only 3 kids and not much fussing or whining. Then on to my SIL’s house who hosts the annual party for all the kids! Thankfully not much whining there either. Maybe the alcohol provided for the adults helps?

If I was drinking right now, that would be the way to go! I’m down to one glass of wine the night that I’ve run my long run that day. That actually changes on the 19th when I’ll step down to no alcohol at all clear through my half marathon. And then I will drink all the wines.

It’s not about getting the perfectly dyed egg…..we can’t all be Martha Stewart! It’s about getting messy with your kids and having a good time with it. I dyed eggs for the first time with Riley this year and we had lots of fun, even though he lost interest less than halfway through. But my dad and I had a grand time. My post about it is up today. Happy Easter weekend to you and your boys!

I laughed out loud when I read this. I thought you were describing a day in a life before Easter at my house! I shared with my husband (right before we dyed our eggs with our son) and he thought the same thing. Right down to the dog licking your slipper! I asked myhusband to refer me to your post before we do this again next year :)

We have learned the secret to beautifully colored Easter Eggs – Warm Eggs! However, yours are beautiful! Just a little tip for you!

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