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#WIWSunday: What I Wore Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, February 24, 2013
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This was not the outfit I intended to wear this morning.

I put on the tights and the cami, walked to my closet and grabbed my gray skirt. I put it on… and it fell off. Literally. I bought it and wore it last Easter, and well, looking at that picture, with the skirt pulled too tight across my mid-section and my face looking unfamiliar, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. But it was a nice gray skirt. Sighing, I grabbed my gray pants. They’re almost done as well, which is a double bummer as Fashion Bug is no more meaning that I cannot order them online either.

Losing weight is great for the simple fact that I feel healthy; I am healthy. But man, losing weight is expensive. While some clothes can be altered, some can’t. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to lovely pieces.

The nail polish is a color I bought on impulse but haven’t worn until now. It looks a little more taupe in the bottle than the L’oreal Greycian Goddess gray I have, so I thought it wasn’t quite gray enough. Nope. It’s just lovely — and I adore Essie’s quality. I know I’ll be wearing this color more.

Essie Miss Fancy Pants

I did want to take a moment to let you know (and/or warn you) that starting on March 1st, I’m running 17 Days of Green again. It was a bust for me last year, as we were actively closing on our house and moving. This year I plan on posting my 17 days of green outfits both here and on Instagram with the #17daysofgreen hashtag. I’d love if you would join in starting on this Friday, March 1, 2013! Obviously, next Sunday will feature something green! Follow me on Instagram — FireMom.

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You are definitely looking thinner. Have you changed your eating habits significantly too or is it all of the running slimming you?

I have been trying to flesh out a post about my weight loss, but haven’t quite figured out what to say other than: I eat all the same foods — just a bit less. And by a bit less, I don’t mean a lot less. Just a bit. I don’t normally have a second helping of dinner now. And I haven’t had any pop/soda since October. That’s it. Full butter. Full fat. No “fat free” or any of that stuff. Just normal stuff, a little bit less.

I’ve been thinking of hopping on the WIWSunday challenge. It’s hard because my closet is very, very limited right now due to weight loss and post-pregnancy. I have about three shirts that fit, and no pants! Seriously. I have two pairs of maternity leggings. I’m in dire need of a shopping trip, but I have to wait until I generate more money in a few weeks (working for my firm from home). It’s ok, though, because it gives me time to lose even more weight. The green thing, however, I’m completely all-in for! I can do that so many fun ways.

You look wonderful, by the way. I completely feel you on the expense part of weight loss. At least it’s a good expense, eh?

I call it a healthy expense. Right??

I actually did WIWSunday by myself, without posting to the blog, for weeks and weeks before I went live on the blog. To see if I could stick with it. LOL I’m definitely enjoying it now. A friend, Karen, joined in today as well. I like seeing it grow a little bit. I’d love if you joined in.

AND HECK YEAH for #17daysofgreen! Another friend loves that one as well. Hooray for green!

I used to do outfit of the day posts, but it was so sporadic that I eventually eased out of it. Having a schedule – like Sundays – will help me remember to do it. Fun times!

Happy with myself is a good way to put it. I feel like a million bucks. That whole “not being able to walk” gives you perspective on taking care of your own body. I didn’t realize I needed perspective, but apparently I did.

A) You can totally re-wear various pieces in different ways. I plan on re-wearing at least one piece to show that you can wear the same thing in different ways.

B) Jewelry that has green counts as green for the day, even if nothing else you’re wearing is green.

C) Green fingernails!

D) Green coat counts for the day!

E) Jammies can count!

And so on. More over, your green doesn’t necessarily have to be clothing, like I said last year. Maybe it’s a nice green salad. Maybe it’s buds popping up in your garden — though likely not in Canada. It’s just taking notice of and sharing green for seventeen days.

Of note: Dr. Seuss’ birthday allows for an easy green eggs and ham. LOL

You look great. I wasn’t reading you last Easter, so I clicked over to see the skirt. You have really transformed yourself. Congratulations on the success!
I agree that losing weight is great except for the expensive part of replacing clothes (but that part is fun too).

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