Growing in Taste

BigBrother has always struggled with texture issues which has made trying new foods… difficult. We have had on-going food battles for years. Like that one time that he simply put a strawberry in his mouth and instantly threw up. He has also thrown up corn, potato soup and something else — and gagged on countless other foods.

Dinner time was always stressful. Some schools of thought told me to keep offering the new foods, which only made him upset. Other schools of thought said to ignore it entirely — to not even offer, but he’d still be eating three foods if we went that route. As I love to cook, I wasn’t going to make the same three things for years on end, so he met a lot of dishes that he didn’t want to eat. Sometimes he did. Sometimes he didn’t. I always worried that I was going to raise some crazy picky child that people made fun of in high school, college and adult life.

Over the past few months, dinner time has changed. He walks into the dining room and says, “What are we having, Mommy?” I answer with whatever we’re having, sometimes sugar-coating names. “It’s chicken in a white sauce!” He equates white sauce with my homemade alfredo sauce — which he always loved — so he sat down and ate it right up. He’s been eating all of my many new soups this fall without question or whine. In fact, last night he ate three bowls of tortellini soup. I just kind of blinked at him.

Tonight we went to the local Chinese buffet for dinner as his birthday is tomorrow and my husband has to work. In the past he would get a little bit of macaroni and cheese, some peanut chicken, a dumpling (which the boys call a “duckling”) and not much else. We talked about trying new foods on the way there as we have been every other visit. Tonight he tried a stuffed mushroom (and loved it), inhaled a spring roll (and loved it), gobbled up some chicken and broccoli (and loved it), asked for more baked crab meat (though we know he loves crab) and stole few bites of the noodles from my plate. And he ate it fast. He didn’t even dawdle.

I blinked some more at his empty plate, at the top of his head, at his toothless face.

He’s changed a lot in a year. He’s not scared to try new things. He regularly not only finishes but asks for a second helping. He eats tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, corn, green peppers, meatballs, crab, salsa (even the chunky kind), all flavors of hummus, mustard, salad! with dressing! and more. None of those foods were on his list of edible foods as of this time last year. Though he hasn’t branched out to sushi yet, I figure it will come some day. And he might not like it, but I know he’s at least interested.


I think he’s awesome.

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He sounds pretty awesome to me! Just being open to trying new things is all we can really ask. When my son decided to go vegetarian, I was actually pretty happy — not because it meant restricting his diet, but because he chose to think about his food and branch out more. We’re still working on hummus, though.

Tortellini soup sounds heavenly right now.

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