Boys and Silly Bandz

When news of the Silly Bandz craze hit our area of the country, I figured I was getting out of this particular fad. I mean, bracelets? My boys wear pink (with pride, mind you) and purple (see also) and the occasional super hero necklace, but… bracelets?

If it had been a return of slap bracelets, I would have figured that the fad would infect my household. By the way? Back in my day? Slap bracelets were never banned from school. And they were just as big of a fad. And they were noisy. And, oh my gosh, they hurt. Especially when the metal broke through the foil wrapping on some of them. Silly Bandz don’t cause bloodshed unless a brawl breaks out on the playground over who gets the last turtle. Banning Silly Bandz? Gimme a break.

In my mind, Silly Bandz were the equivalent of 1980’s rubber and bangle bracelets. Mostly for girls with a few outlying hipsters taking up the trend.

Boy, was I wrong.

Hollow Rock 2010

It all started when Mandy gave them some Buzz, Woody and rocket shaped ones when we all went to see Toy Story 3. They were hooked. There were my boys, arguing over who got the blue Buzz and who had to deal with the green Buzz. Then blue Buzz got broken despite my repeated warnings that they would break. I thought maybe, just maybe, we’d get away with not buying anymore.

And then someone had to go and put a whole baggie full in BigBrother’s backpack. And then I found more Toy Story ones. And then Mandy found me a few firefighter ones (more on those next week). And then the boys saw that their cousins, male and female, young and old, were also sporting them at camp. And now they’re ALL OVER MY HOUSE.

Hollow Rock 2010

It was a bit annoying at first as LittleBrother struggled to get his hands in them, thus having to whine at me to replace them each and every time he decided to take them off, put a new one on or simply switch hands. He’s figured it out, and the whining has stopped. Unless one brother is wearing one that the other wants. Or they fight over them and Mean Mommy takes them and puts them on her own wrist. Or I snap their wrists with them because it’s funny.

So, yes, we are yet another household that has been taken over by little rubber bracelets in shapes of everything from lungs to fictional characters to fire trucks to words. My favorite is a turquoise colored electric guitar. BigBrother obviously loves blue Buzz, since replaced. LittleBrother likes his turtle and Hamm. FireDad thinks we’re all insane.

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Just don’t try to take his Silly Bandz and everyone gets to live.

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Just make sure that they don’t sleep in them and while I don’t think will be a problem with your boys since they are small, but make sure if they are tight to take them off. Some of them don’t stretch like others do and The Chicken had some issues so now she is limited to a couple at a time and they have to not be tight.

Kiddo has tons curtsey of an aunt who works at Hallmark. He’s been “trading” them at various VBSs too all summer. Actually Kiddo usually gives them away and doesn’t get any back. He wears them on both arms and they are half way up to his elbows. I need to check with the school about whether or not they are banned. Uhg! I don’t mind them unless I accidently vacuum one…..

Those things apparently breed like the coupons, so I have a few hundred laying around I will HAPPILY send you. Alexis has mostly decided that they are SO spring of 2010 and she is done with them. As in, she tells me they aren’t cool anymore. o_O

I have really been intrigued by this whole thing. H is just the age for them, and so has a ton. But I also see little boys at karate wearing them. Boys older than BB wear TONS of them, and I even have heard teenaged boys talking about wanting “the red guitar” or whatever.

Amusingly enough, I saw the firefighter ones just before I read this post, and thought of you.

I never thought my boys would be interested either. I was the one that caved. The expressed a little interest in the Toy Story 3 Character Bandz. Since I was curious, I bought them. My three year old was more intrigued than my almost seven year old. When we went to see Ramona and Beezus with my aunt, she bought each of the boys another package (Cars and Toy Story). Then went we went to visit the lake, she bought each 3 more packages (Mickey Mouse, American, reptiles). Of course, it did not end there, my father bought them Looney Tunes and I just bought the last of the Toy Story 3 varieties. Do not think any more are in our future until we can find the Muppet series that is being released soon.

My children drive me nuts over those silly bandz-At first I did not think much about until one day I realized my kids were busy trading them with neighbors-Whoever invented those things-I hear they will be band from school next semester

I bought the girl Silly Rings last night at Easton. The rings are really cute! They also have necklaces to keep the rings on….it never stops. I’m still waiting for harry potter ones…someday!

LOVE it – I bought my boys a truck load of these. They are all the rave at school and have been banned b/c they are distracting in the classroom. I can’t remember anything but gum and hats being banned when I was in school. Have teachers lost the nack of classroom management or maybe parents have failed to teach their kids to pay attention in school. Either way I am bummed they are banned b/c it was a cute trend that the girly side in my enjoyed the fact that my boys liked.

Thanks for sharing this!

Uh-oh, I thought I was safe from this fad with a house full of boys. They haven’t seemed to become much of a trend around here yet, I rarely see any kids wearing them and the only store I’ve seen them at is 7-11.

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