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Scared & Alone On Fire Shift Day

Today started out like any other of FireDad’s shift days. He pressed snooze on his alarm too many times. I elbowed him in the back. He showered and left after giving me a kiss. BigBrother woke up shortly thereafter and we started our day. Being Wednesday, we went and had coffee with some of my friends. We returned home, had lunch and LittleBrother went down for his nap. Then things went off course.

Our neighbor’s house was broken into. In broad daylight. While they were home.

The Police arrived shortly after their landlord, our friend, arrived. I answered some questions. The intruder was known by the tenants of the house. (Note: if you plan on robbing a house, make sure they don’t know your license plate number. Also invest in a muffler so the neighbor doesn’t get a good description of your car and face.) That should make me feel somewhat more calm, right? It was a personal issue. Most robbers aren’t stupid enough to return to the scene of the crime. Plus, as he is already identified, it shouldn’t take the police all that long to track him down, right?

But I’m not feeling safe.

FireDad is working today. I am now home alone with two little boys. We will be home alone until FireDad returns home from the Fire Department… at 7:30 tomorrow morning. That’s an awful long night of listening to bumps and noises and generally being on high alert. I don’t predict much sleep tonight. If any.

It’s little, unpredictable things like this that make me curse the 24 on, 48 off schedule that firefighters and their families endure. Instead of arriving home and bringing my anxiety level down in two and a half hours, he won’t be home for about seventeen or so hours. I need to manage both of the children on my own while trying to act normal. Nothing feels normal. My home wasn’t even invaded and I still feel vulnerable. Granted, if FireDad was at home today, I’d still listen to every single sound tonight and freak out. But his presence is a calming factor in our life… and he’s not here.

As such, today is likely to be a very long day. I’d be rejoicing about my new windows but my only thought is that if some intruder so much as dares to break one of my precious new windows, I’m going to be pretty darn angry.

And then I go back to being scared.

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I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. I feel the same sort of stress most nights particularly because it’s just me, my little sister, and Aidan. Not too long ago, they sent a memo in my apartment complex saying there was gang activity and that they had hired security, but I haven’t seen the security guard in about a month. When there is too much noise outside at night, I flip out. Unfortunately, I don’t have the option of really moving anytime soon, so I just have to deal with it and keep my phone close. Thankfully, I live on the third floor, so I just try to assume that the stairs would deter anyone from trying to break in.

I really hope that this day goes by very fast for you. I know how I get with just my one little guy, I can’t even imagine how crazy I’d feel with two to protect.

That is scary! That person would be stupid to come back, but I totally understand your fears. We were robbed in the house we use to live in. Only my husband’s truck was broken into, but we were home. It happened twice because the first time the thief got away with $100. My husband left his firehall raffle money in the glove box of his unlocked truck.

I was so scared that they would come back and try to get into the house. When my husband wasn’t home I had a baseball bat and a can of wasp spray at my side. Someone at my church actually suggested the wasp spray because it goes a far distance and I could get the person in the eyes. So glad I never had to use it! :-)

Saying a prayer that you can get some rest tonight!

I completely understand. A few months ago, some guy tried to carjack me while I was driving home one night. Even though I had called the cops and they responded to the scene, and even though I checked to make sure no one followed me home, and even though there was no way he would know where I lived, I still couldn’t sleep. I didn’t feel safe. Sometimes what you know and what you feel don’t connect. Try to stay busy. Maybe use tonight to call some old friends to reconnect? Have a bowl of ice cream and watch the funniest movie you know. Try to get outside of your head. And if nothing else, just keep remembering that it’s almost tomorrow morning.

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Last year someone tried to get into our house and of course hubby was on shift because we all know that nothing ever can happen when they are home now.

It took me a good couple of months to feel safe again and that made me angry. But I was so scared that night that I did call the station and have him come home. His Lt and all the guys at both stations were not happy that I didn’t call earlier, but I was on the phone with 911 for goodness sake.

They said in the future to have one of the kids call the stations and they will get there quicker with all the lights blaring. lol Can you just see an intruders face when 2 medics and an engine pull up and everyone jumps out with weapons. ROFL I feel better knowing that, but it still took a good long while for me to go out and put the garbage out in my own backyard :(

Hubby used to start work at 4:30am so he would leave around 4am. Once we had my son I was a nervous wreck every single morning. It was a toss up between worrying that someone would break in and try to hurt us since Hubby was not hear and worrying about him driving at that hour. And then there were the days that he overslept just enough to have the guys at work call and ask if he were still here. It was then that I really panicked. Sorry that you are having such a difficult day – everything will be alright. Here’s hoping 7:30am comes quickly for you.

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Wow — broad daylight with someone home. That is one brazen robber.

I was at soccer practice for one of my children with my husband and my other two. I must have left the van door unlocked because someone broke in to the van and stole a 2 screen portable DVD player and a couple of DVDs. It was in broad daylight in a middle school parking lot with plenty of other soccer players and families around. I could not even claim it on ins. as my deductible is high.

Now I am OCD about locking car doors — even in my own driveway.

Hope all is well tonight for you and the boys. Maybe you could have a slumber party tonight with the little guys! Although I guess you are all already in bed — hopeless nightowl here!

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This is crazy – the SAME THING happened to our neighbors a couple of weeks ago. Granted, I live in the Bay Area – where there’s three million people, but still. Their door was broken off the hinges, in mid day, and they were robbed while my neighbor was putting her four year old daughter to a nap. She walked down and saw him. Thankfully, he ran, instead of pulling a weapon on her.

But, I understand how you feel. It seems like people are really desperate and willing to do anything. I double check the lock when I leave about ten times to make sure.

Be safe, plan, and worry a little, but don’t let it get in the way of living.

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