The Chronicles of Munchkin Land

You ended up here after looking for my now defunct adoption blog, The Chronicles of Munchkin Land. Let’s talk about why you’re here instead of there, shall we?

The History of Chronicles

In 2006, I launched The Chronicles of Munchkin Land as a blog to discuss my journey as a birth mother involved in a fully open adoption. I needed an individualized, safe space to discuss my feelings, fears, regrets, hopes, joys, and everything in between about my experiences inside the adoption triad.

For seven years, I blogged honestly and openly about adoption. I won awards and acclaim for my writing in that space. I also endured a lot of criticism, both from people who said I was too happy and from people who said I was too sad. I received threats against my family. People threatened to use photos of my daughter, that I had posed with permission from my daughter’s mother, as part of their own agenda for or against adoption. Still, I shared — because putting my voice out into the void meant something more.

Until it didn’t anymore.

In March 2013, I recognized that the telling of that particular story had, for the time being, been completed. What was once solely my story no longer was as I bumped up against problems regarding privacy and privilege, of safety and sanctity. I no longer felt the need to educate the world about what it was like to be a birth mother. I no longer felt defined by my role as a mother who relinquished a child. I simply was.

In a quick move, I pulled down the entire site, losing thousands of links and followers.


It was one of my better blogging decisions. I do not regret it to this day.

So Here We Are

In the year since Chronicles came down, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect. I said, in my final post on the site, that I would write here, on Stop, Drop & Blog, about adoption as it came to play in our everyday family life. I have done so as we have visited, as birthdays have come and gone. But I have not aggressively sought out adoption topics on which to write lengthy pieces, have not ranted on the portrayal of birth parents in the media, have not entered into larger conversations about adoption as a whole. I have removed myself from adoption groups and discussions online. I actively avoid adoption discussion on the Internet and in real life. I don’t find a need to beat the dead horse; I live adoption on a daily basis.


I wrote some good things on Chronicles over the years. I also wrote a lot of crap — angry, useless drivel that has no place on the Internet at this time. It is saved, of course, for the future: for my parented sons, for my daughter, for my own frame of reference. But as anger gave way to peace, it was not the voice I wanted to be associated with online or off any longer.

I have spent the past month reading through posts and slowly moving them over here. By slowly, I mean that I have moved over a total of six posts as of yet. I do not know if I will move more, as I am quite pleased with the six that have been moved over at this time. I can only read Chronicles in small doses without being taken through harder memories of things that simply cannot be changed.

So… What Now?

Nothing, really. I will write here, on this blog, about adoption as I see fit, as we live it as a family. I may or may not move over more posts. I simply wanted people to have an easy way to find posts that were once written over there. To do so, check out this tag.

Thank you.


Cyber Monday

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