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Weekly Favorites: March 27, 2011

I have missed two weeks of Weekly Favorites posts. March has been one of those months in which the weeks have sped by, leaving me to suddenly find myself on Sunday evening ready to start over again. To be fair, two weeks ago it was the Internet’s fault I couldn’t post. (We now have a new ISP; more on that soon.) Last week, I simply ran out of time. A few of the posts in this week’s favorites might be a bit older than this week.

Recipes That Made My Mouth Water:

  • Spanish Rice with Carne Asada by Katie at Fire Wife Katie. I think my family would enjoy this particular recipe and it seems like a great weeknight meal.
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu at Nokademic. Again, I think my family would like this and it seems like another good “get dinner on the table now” weeknight meal.
  • Chicken Paprikash by Elise at Simply Recipes. I kinda have a love of paprika, so this looks like something I’d love to try. I actually think my family makes something similar…
  • Meyer Lemon Ricotta Pancakes by Joanne at Eats Well With Others. We’re making these this week. YUM!

Fire/EMS Blog Posts That I Particularly Enjoyed or Think You Should Read:

  • Getting the Wives Together by Val at Fire Fighter Wife. I’m jealous, plain and simple, that fire wives get together at all. Ours don’t. And while I could, technically, spear-head that endeavor, I don’t really have time at this point in my life. So I like posts about other fire spouses getting together.
  • Craig Birkholz: Army Sgt., Police Officer, Husband, Hero by Trina at Too Hot to Handle. Our thoughts are with the Birkholz family during their time of grief and mourning.

Photo Blog Posts that Inspired Me:

  • Food Play by Rachel at A Southern Fairytale. I couldn’t decide whether to put this in the food or the photo category, so I flipped a coin and she landed her. It made me smile.
  • What Windows Are For at Mortal Muses. Just beautiful.
  • Among the Hummingbirds by Barbara at Among the Saguaros. I adore hummingbird photos (well, bird photos in general), so I just sat and smiled at these. I can’t wait until ours are back now that I have my 300mm lens!

Adoption Related Posts:

[New category.]

  • The Boxcar Children Are Back at The Book Case. I chose to place this here than in a book post because of what the prequel to the Boxcar Children series will deal with:

    Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are kind to one another and embody the true sense of family. They are resourceful and positive. I find them both true children and true heroes at the same time. It occurs to me that perhaps their parents were the same. I’m looking forward to exploring that idea and more.

    Yes, the prequel tells us how the children ended up as orphans. I’ll be reading it.

  • Book Review: Adopted: The Ultimate Teen Guide by Mandy at Four Against Two. She has important things to say about some of the faults of this book. (Note: It’s for the Adoption Reading Challenge!)
  • It Takes a Triad & Thank You by Diane at An-Ya. I don’t just share this post with you because she quoted me (though that’s cool!), but because it’s an important post for the triad.

    They say it takes a village to raise a child…and for an adoptive parent…

    It takes a triad.

    I’d just add that it really takes a triad for all members of said triad to find their place and their peace. The added link to her daughter’s post at is just a continuation of why it does take a triad. Please read both.

My Absolute Favorites of the Week:

  • The Writing on the Back Door by Liz at This Full House. I don’t have teens or tweens yet, but this post hit me in some way.
  • In the Family by Krys at Either Eat This Soup or Jump Out of This Window. Krys delves into what testing positive for BRCA does to her thoughts as she discusses the movie In the Family. I think this is an intensely important post on a topic that I don’t think we pay enough attention to.
  • Super Hero Cuff Craft by Allison at No Time for Flash Cards. We know I’m not big on crafts, but we go through enough toilet paper in this house that we might as well make use of the rolls, no? Plus, with spring weather being weird, wonky and often rainy, a fun craft for my super heroes seems to be in order.
  • The lighting of a fire* by Ivory at The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness. I’m kind of way jealous that she’s going the homeschooling route and we’re not, but this post is a beautiful tribute to the life I wish we could live. Kudos, friend.

Other than these two photos and a handful of Instagram snaps, I didn’t really take photos this week. I have yet to work on my Picture Inspiration assignment for the week. Here’s hoping I have a little more time to myself this week!

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Weekly Favorites: March 6, 2011

There is snow on the ground today. I am not pleased. I do love snow; I really do. But by March, I’m done. Done! And so, in a futile attempt to ignore the weather, I bring you my Weekly Favorites. Sorting back through things today made me smile, which is more than the weather did.

Recipes That Made My Mouth Water:

Fire/EMS Blog Posts That I Particularly Enjoyed or Think You Should Read:

Photo Blog Posts that Inspired Me:

  • We Had Snow by Barbara at Among the Saguaros. Okay, I started out this post whining about snow, but these photos just made my jaw drop. If you’ve never seen snow in the desert or on cactii, you have to read/look at this post. Awe inspiring.
  • My Camera, I Miss It by Yvonne at Joy, Unexpected. The pictures are lovely, but I share this with you to go tell Yvonne to take more pictures, computer woes be damned. Because she’s awesome and I want to see more lovely pictures.

My Absolute Favorites This Week:

  • The Best Part of Wakin’ Up by Calliope at Creating Motherhood. I laughed. But only because the piece is such a real part of motherhood. Good stuff.
  • It’s Your Blog, And You Can Post How You Want To by Crissy at Dear Crissy. True! I’m tired of the “you’re not a good blogger if you do this or don’t do this or blah blah blah.” Which totally plays into Carly’s post, Cowardly, Lazy or Just Getting Old? She is questioning how she censors herself and the reasons behind it and seeking courage to say what she really wants to. So read Crissy’s post, then go tell Carly she can blog how she wants to. This is a double post entry because they fit together so well.
  • Everything Happens for a Reason… sort of by Kim at Arizona Writer. I also hate that placating cliche. But I believe that Kim wrote this post for a reason. It resonated with me. And it will probably resonate with you. So read it.
  • She Would Have Missed This by Burgh Baby. Why yes, I have Burgh Baby twice on my list in one week. Read this post and you’ll completely understand why.
  • Stuck Between Hip and Hip Fracture by Christina at A Mommy Story. While shopping, Christina was told to go to a different section. No, really. Sigh.
  • Unabashed by Ivory at The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness. In a post that I think many people who have been labeled as a mommy blogger — willingly or otherwise — can understand on many different levels, Ivory lets us know that she is part of the Listen To Your Mother Spokane cast. I kind of want to fly out and see her. Like, badly. If you are not reading this amazing woman, you should be.

Just One Photo from This Week:

Mmm, Tulips
These brought joy this week.

Sorry this post is so late today. I was working on it this morning before the soccer game. LittleBrother didn’t get to play and stayed home because he was sick. After the game, he was having difficulty breathing and ended up in the ER. He is fine now after some steroids and is home sleeping. It will likely be a long night and a long couple of days. Keep us in your thoughts… especially my little Booey.