Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: Countdown to Columbus, 27 Days

With less than a month (WHAT?!) until the Columbus (Half) Marathon, I am upping my training posts from biweekly to weekly. Every Monday from here until the day after I run 13.1 miles in one shot through the streets of Columbus, you can expect a training post and video. Fancy.

So what’s been going on training wise?

Hills, Hills, and More Hills

I’ve gotten kind of brave about finally running somewhere other than our neighborhood. I’ve perfected our neighborhood into two separate loops of two miles which makes for easy running — but boring running. I decided to tackle the two country roads surrounding us, both of which bring the hills like nobody’s business. While Columbus claims to have a flat and fast course, all of the training guides say to run some hills. So I have been. I felt pleasantly surprised yesterday on the first seven miles of my 12-mile run when I saw that my splits somehow were faster on miles five and six, which included some up and down hills on five and a continuous uphill for mile six.

12 Mile Splits from September 22, 2013

Of course, once back in the neighborhood, with the constant ups and downs, I fell off pace and didn’t much care. My only goal for the run? Finish. And during the last mile, my only goal became to not puke in my neighbors’ yards. Pro Tip: Greasy, leftover pizza heated up for 30 seconds and eaten two hours before a run does not qualify as sufficient or efficient fueling for a 12-mile run. Oops? Soccer Sundays are busy, what can I say.


Running with Short Hair Is AWESOME

I felt nervous about chopping my hair right before the half marathon. How would I keep the longer piece(s) from flopping my face? How would I hold my hair back? Would my shorter hair be absorbent enough for my extremely sweaty head? My stylist assured me it would be okay, and after a four- and 12-mile run with short hair, I can say that it feels great! Two little bobby pins, a quick twist, and BAM! No hair in my face!

One of the reasons I chopped my hair was based on how heavy it gets when it is long. I would pull it up on top of my head to run, but the bobbing and movement sometimes proved distracting and annoying, especially when I found myself struggling near the end of the run. Now? No distractions! Just struggling! Yay?


Hooray for Cooler Temps!

I wanted to do a cartwheel when I went out for my afternoon run yesterday to temps in the high 50’s. I still wore a tank and shorts because I remain a “hot” runner, but oh, it felt so great! Daily highs are now (usually) under 70, meaning that mornings and evenings feel just perfect to me. (The sun did get to me a bit yesterday afternoon, but you run when you can!) I don’t know if the cooler temperatures improved my general time yesterday or if I just hit a sweet spot on a long run, but whatever the case, I’ll take it. I didn’t feel like passing out even once on my long run. That’s a win in my book!


Countdown to Columbus: A Vlogging Series with Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless (Midwest) contacted me to see if I would consider reviewing a FitBit Flex provided for free by them and doing a series of videos leading up to the Columbus Marathon. As I fell in love with FitBit after the BlogHer ’13 5K, I said yes, having wanted to try out a Flex as well. I’ve been doing well with my Flex since it stays on all the time (meaning I don’t forget to put it on like my previous Zip), and it’s been interesting to see what my sleep cycles look like.

And now, my Immediate Post-12-Mile Run Vlog, complete with sweat, no makeup, out of breath-ness, and children in costume. Oh yes, I keep it real here, as always.

Note: This post says 27 days, but yesterday there were 28 days until the Columbus Marathon.

Well, wasn’t that special. But really, my tip about avoiding sequined shoes until the day after the race? I stand by that suggestion: When I got in the shower after the video, my heel stung like whoa. Here’s hoping the blister heels soon. Again: Oops?

If you’d like to compete with me follow my FitBit progress, friend me on FitBit!

Next week, my longest run is only eight miles. My video plans include taking my phone with me to grab some video of the routes I run, more interviews with my kids because they’re cute, and more sweaty blathering. How exciting! See you then?


Are you training for Columbus or another fall half/marathon? How’s it going?



Disclaimer: Verizon Wireless Midwest provided me with the FitBit Flex, but all sweaty blathering is my own. Obviously.



Working Mom #Fail

I’m kind of upset with myself.

We’re experiencing our first out-right scheduling fail since I went back to the out-of-the-home work force this past October. Even though I’m (very) part time, I have dropped the ball. Big time. As you know, we’re camping right now. I’ve had to leave for four hours per day to work on one of my freelancing gigs. But we’ve got family all around us and the boys enjoy playing with their cousins, grandparents and associated extended family members. The leaving every day is not the problem.

I work every third Saturday at the newspaper. It just so happens to be this Saturday. I didn’t think anything of it for various reasons. I figured I would take all of my clothes, dirty laundry, books and what not home so that we would have a lighter load when we return home Sunday afternoon. And that would be fine, because the boys’ program was Sunday afternoon. So, I’d get back Sunday morning, laugh as they sang and danced on stage and we’d all go home, happy and relaxed.

Except… the program is on Saturday.

Did I mention this is the first year that LittleBrother has attended class and thus this will be his first year preforming in said program?

#Fail, #fail, #epicfail.

Yes, my mom can record it with our Flip… if I teach her. And yes, most likely FireDad will be able to get back to camp on Saturday to watch the boys sing and dance and smile and such. And yes, the boys will even survive without my presence. But, man, I’m feeling way guilty for many reasons. For not being more organized and realizing the scheduling flub while I could have fixed it. For somehow short-changing our younger son when I was at his brother’s first program ever. For choosing to work outside the home. For everything. For nothing.

But, man, the guilt. And, yes, I’ll get over it. But when I look back at BigBrother’s first program, at the same camp, I get kind of weepy that I won’t be there to see my little Bubba stand there and refuse to sing, too. So excuse me for a moment while I feel sorry for myself.

And since I’m doing that, here’s a video of BigBrother’s first program (navy blue striped shirt).

And, even funnier, here’s a brief, one-video song from last year’s program. BigBrother is a ham (green striped shirt).

Oh, memories. I’m really kind of sad that I won’t be there to make the memories with them this year. Thank goodness for technology. (And, yes, I realize we could have much greater problems. But I’m still upset with myself.)