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Stand Up 2 Cancer Shirts

Because of my many posts about Standing Up 2 Cancer, a lot of people have been surfing in looking for the shirts featured on the telethon this past Friday night. Stand Up 2 Cancer has their own Cafepress store and you can buy your shirts there along with some hats and other accessories. Don’t buy anywhere else as the money won’t go to Stand Up 2 Cancer. Buy one and keep Standing Up 2 Cancer!

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Please Stand Up 2 Cancer Today (And Always)

SU2CYesterday I shared a Love Thursday post about my Mom, her battle with and triumph over Breast Cancer and how it has changed our family. I thought today would be a simple write up and urge to go ahead and launch a star, write to your congressmen or to tune into the telethon on ABC, CBS or NBC at 8:00pm.

But then we got word that cancer is slamming into our family again. And my post changed shape.

FireDad got a phone call from Gramps yesterday which isn’t out of the ordinary. He’s a frequent caller. From my end, the conversation didn’t sound any different. But it was. Gramps’ brother has just been diagnosed with throat cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy are to begin shortly. I’m feeling overwhelmed with the news. With my grandfather hospitalized (non-cancer), FireDad’s great-aunt fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease and now this new cancer diagnosis, I’m just kind of emotionally worn out.

Our families, combined, have too much of a history with cancer for my liking. My maternal-maternal great-grandfather died of cancer when I was four. My maternal-paternal great-grandmother died of pancreatic cancer when I was seventeen. FireDad lost his paternal grandfather and maternal great-grandmother to cancers as well. His maternal uncle fought lung cancer in 2005 (and won). As I have talked about, my mother has found breast cancer and won. Then there are the multitude of family members who have had small skin cancers removed. It’s just a constant in our family. And I don’t like it. Not at all.

I have just launched stars for my mother, other members of our family and added to the star for my friend Judy. (To launch a star, you need to make a donation as small as $1.00. I know you have $1.00. As of 10:30am, SU2C’s donation page is busted. Be patient as I assume they’re slammed.) Will you launch a star? Will you make a difference? Will you email your congressmen? Will you tune into the telethon tonight? Will you donate (when the site works again)? Will you post on your blog so that others know about this campaign to raise awareness for the need for cancer research… and funds for that research?

If you’re still unsure why we need to raise money for research, first hit the Stand Up 2 Cancer website. Then hit The Delaney Diaries, Burgh Baby, Third Mom, I’m No Supermom, Allison Says, Morningside Mom, The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness and my dear, dear friend Judy’s blog. (I’ll be adding to this list all day as you send me your links. Email them, tweet them to me or leave them in the comments please.) These bloggers have done a very good job at embodying the reasons why we need to continue to fight for a cure and how we all can be of help. I am so thankful that each of them have shared their stories. I am so thankful that each of them are here to tell their stories and, you know what? I want them to continue to be here to tell their stories.

So, please, Stand Up 2 Cancer today. And always.