Easy St. Patrick’s Day Countdown Banner

Easy St. Patrick's Day Countdown Banner

I meant to shell out the extra money and order an adorable countdown banner or bunting from Etsy for St. Patrick’s Day this year. I remembered my plan on the 24th of February, which didn’t seem like enough time to place a special order. So I decided to make one myself—limited crafting ability and all.

I simply used construction paper, a shamrock template printed on card stock, scissors, fun scissors, glue, a ribbon initially and then eventually some twine, initially some plain little clothes pins, and eventually little green clothes pins.

Easy St. Patrick's Day Countdown Banner

I also printed out the numbers on plain computer paper using the Patrick font for my numbers.

Free Patrick Font

The twine and green clothes pins weren’t added until two days ago.

I hung my St. Patrick’s Day countdown banner on March 1st, as you do, with green ribbon. Let me rephrase: I hung it with super cheap green Christmas holiday ribbon, the kind that comes on a roll with red and white but it’s so cheap it doesn’t even have the ribbing to make it twirl when you run scissors along it. Yeah, that cheap. I honestly didn’t know we still owned that roll of ribbon; we purchased it while still living in the apartment. It’s been a minute.

This ribbon was the worst crafting choice of my life. I hung the first shamrock and the last shamrock (to keep the weight even) without problem. Any and every shamrock placed thereafter flipped upside down as the ribbon continued to twist and turn. I eventually made all the shamrocks after the eight face the right way, but the shamrocks before the eight would not cooperate. At all. Ever. For the life of me.

Adorable Twine and Clothes Pins

So when the twine and new green clothes pins (because how adorable are they?!) arrived from a store on Etsy, I pulled it back down and rehung everything. I love the metallic accent in the twine. I imagine I’ll use it for other things. Like tying up leprechauns.

Much Better!

After I hung it the first time, flipped over shamrocks and all, the boys came into the dining room, oohing and ahhing over my creation.

“Mommy, I really like your Advent calendar.”
“Uh, it’s not an Advent calendar, Buddy.”
“It’s just a countdown. Right, Mommy?”
“Oh. I really wanted to do an activity every day.”

Apparently my Advent activities and homemade calendar ruined my children for ordinary countdowns. Oh well. At least it looks cute!

Easy St. Patrick's Day Countdown Banner



Tradition Lives On

Tomorrow marks our annual trek to Pittsburgh to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Back when we started doing this, we didn’t even know about the parade or the party in Market Square; we just needed a bit of alone time after our first son’s birth. As we found out about the fun things that took place, we made it a tradition.


Josh is Flicking me Off Here


Ready to Go Out


See? Dork.




St Patrick's Day in Pittsburgh


Silly husband is silly.


Yay! #stpatricksday #pittsburgh


Go ahead. Make a face. I'll instagram it. Love you. @cfd46! On the T, headed back to the hotel. Before 9pm. #pittsburgh #stpatricksday

The interesting thing is that we keep getting older but the crowd doesn’t. Last year, we headed back to our hotel room before nine o’clock in the evening because we’re old. Old or not, we love the chance to get away for a weekend in one of our favorite cities and pretend that maybe we’re not so old, drink some beer, laugh at people who drink too much beer, eat some good Pittsburgh food, and generally spend the weekend together. It’s our thing, and we love it.

I’m just hoping that someone drinks too much again this year and plants another epic photobomb into our life and our memories.

Best. Photobomb. Ever.