Uncommon Goods = Uncommon Awesome

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I’ve known about Uncommon Goods for quite some time, but was reintroduced to the store recently. I love the company as sustainability and positive impact both in and outside their company are part of their mission. We have a number of gift giving events coming up in the not-too-distant future, so I asked on Twitter what others would spend their money on at the site as well as rounding up a few of my favorites.

Garlic Storage House

Garlic House at Uncommon Goods

Uh, how adorable is this Garlic Storage House? Tanie pointed it out. It would look so cute on our kitchen counter!

Ellwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug

Uncommon Goods Ellwood the Unicorn Coffee Mug

I mean, unicorns are a thing for us as LuLaRoe consultants anyway, so when Burgh Baby pointed this Ellwood the unicorn coffee mug out, Denise immediately had to have it. (There are other matching pieces which may make their way into our homes, too! I mean, ahem, hello. Great birthday gift, no?)

Taco Serving Kit & Storage Box

Uncommon Goods Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box

We have Taco Tuesday almost every Tuesday. And sometimes Thursday. And Friday. We really like tacos. And washing giant bowls when we put just a little bit of sliced tomato or onion or what have you feels like a waste of dish washer space. So I think this Taco Serving Kit & Storage Box is quite handy. Plus tacos.

Taco Booties

Uncommon Goods Taco Booties

And speaking of Taco Tuesday, if we had a wee-one among us, that child would wear Taco Booties to the table. I only wish they made them in my size. And they’re just one of the amazing baby gifts Uncommon Goods has to offer. I also adore the tortilla baby, which is very on theme with this whole taco thing.

Intersection of Love Art Print

Uncommon Goods Intersection of Love Art Print

I actually saw this at a hostess’ house earlier this month but I didn’t know it was from Uncommon Goods. This Intersection of Love Art Print makes my heart all swoony. I’m not sure it would look as cool with my maiden name, but I think this would make a lovely personalized wedding gift. I mean, look how cute.


I’ll be keeping Uncommon Goods on my shopping list when it comes to finding great gifts for those people I love.


My Favorite Sleeveless Tops for Spring/Summer 2015

As the weather continues to warm up (and cool off and warm up and cool off and be generally spring-like), I find myself seeking out sleeveless tops and tanks to wear. I don’t really like wearing tops with sleeves when the weather warms up at all because, well, I’m a sweater. A sweat-er. Sleeveless tops allow me the chance to cool off if need be, and look great paired with a nice cardigan on cooler days and evenings.

I’ve rounded up a few I have my eyes on (or, uhm, already purchased).

Sleeveless Shirts from ModCloth

Montgolfier for the Day Top | Always the Fun One Top in Green |
Souvenir and Dear Top

Hot air balloons? I basically need this top before we attend the All Ohio Balloon Fest in August. I own a top very similar to the green tank; I like it because it’s flowy and casual. (And green, obviously.) And the “Somebody in Pittsburgh Loves Me” top? I obviously need this shirt. And so do my sons. And so do you!

Sleeveless Tops

Adam Levine Flamingo Tank Top | Sleeveless Blouse in Sun and Star Print | Women’s Drapey Jersey Tank | Embroidered Halter Neck Tank

I own the flamingo top, and I adore it. It’s not cotton so it runs the risk of making me sweaty, but dang if it doesn’t dress up and down. (And looks great with Gardenia jewelry.) I love the blues and greens in the second top. I’d wear it just about everywhere. I own the drapey Jersey tank from Old Navy in black, and it’s lovely paired with shorts, capris, jeans, a skirt, or leggings. You don’t get much better than that! I also own the embroidered halter neck tank; it’s so soft and such a beautiful color.

I have a number of older sleeveless tops from the past few years that are still worthy of wearing, like the one similar to the green tank above and a blue one with elephants like the flamingo top. I find that having some solid colored tops also makes for more options when planning your wardrobe, though the prints are lots of fun. I realized in researching this post that I don’t have a white one anymore, and I’d really like to find one like the drapey jersey top.

What are your favorite sleeveless tops for summer? Any you’re eyeing that I need to add to my “must purchase soon” list?