Love Thursday: THERE HE IS! A BALL!

BigBrother has one of those Hallmark sound cards. You know the kind. You open it and music or movie quotes or general noisiness comes from the card. Yes. Our families like to get the boys noisy things. Don’t they realize these two are noisy enough on their own? All the same, when BigBrother received said noisy card, LittleBrother was still noisless in my womb. So, yes, he’s had the card for a year now.

The card features Linus and the noise is the infamous “THERE HE IS! THERE HE IS!” from It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! He plays it over and over. And he watches the DVD over and over too. And so, when it came time to go to the Pumpkin Patch this year, BigBrother was excited.


He ran around, exclaiming that every pumpkin was the great pumpkin. And he tried to pick them all up. And he had a grand time. Despite not being three until next month, it is his third trip to the pumpkin patch. I’m not quite so sure he remembered our trip last year but he was simply excited to see all of the pumpkins.

But so was our pumpkin patch rookie. For a different reason. LittleBrother is just starting to talk. He has ball, duck, dog and car down. (And Mum and Dad, of course.) And so, as we walked up to the pumpkins, he started emphatically declaring, “BALL! BALL!” The whole time we were there, all we heard was, “BALL! BALL!” If you argued with him, he told you, more emphatically, that it was a “BALL! BALL!” He patted them. And kissed them. And hugged them. And stood there all by himself! And was happy when we took four pumpkins home.

To me, the pumpkin patch is love. I’m sure both of the boys would agree. They had fun for different reasons this year. One enjoyed acting out a classic cartoon and actually picking his pumpkin (and his brother’s) to take home. The other enjoyed the number of pumpkins, even if he says that they are all balls. And the parents, of course, enjoyed the heck out of watching their boys have a good time. Well, and, truth be told, we love the pumpkin patch, too.

Happy Love Thursday. (It’s now finally cool enough to carve ours!)


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