Goodbye SB 5! We Have Defeated Issue 2 in Ohio!

I was nervous all day. I knew that we had done the work to get the word out about Issue 2 (Senate Bill 5) and how it would affect our state. I knew there was support. I knew that I had done my part, that my husband had done his. But I worried: Was it enough?

It was.

I cried. I cried tears of joy and tears of relief. I had been holding a lot of anxiety in about this election process, about the results. And while I know that the journey isn’t over, that Kasich is still in “control” of our state, I am just SO PROUD of Ohio tonight.

Fire Trucks on Election Day

My family thanks you, Ohio. I thank you, Ohio. You may be not be my home-state, but you’re a state that I’ve grown to love. Thank you for doing me proud tonight. Thank you for caring for my family today.

[No official word on our school levy yet. It’s very, very close. I’ll blog that tomorrow. Right now, I’m rejoicing in this important-to-us victory!]

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Sign the Petition So Voters Aren’t Confused About Issue 2

FireDad and I were watching the news this morning. I was starting my busy work day and FireDad was playing Toy Story Yahtzee with LittleBrother. It was a typical morning in our house. A political ad came on about voting no on Issue 2 in Ohio next month.

Or so we thought.

We were fans of the original ad featuring Marlene Quinn relating a story about how Cincinnati firefighters saved her great-granddaughter. She wants people to vote no on Issue 2 so that our firefighters aren’t stripped of so much — too much.

This ad? Was Marlene’s same exact story with voice overs explaining how voters should vote YES on Issue 2 in order to save firefighters. It is horrible confusing for viewers, for voters, for everyone. FireDad and I just looked at each other. “Is that even legal?” I didn’t know the answer, but I knew that “it” was about to go down.

Here’s a comparison of the two ads so you can see what is going on:

We Are Ohio put out a petition late this afternoon asking for the removal of the political ad. In the email they sent out, Marlene spoke up about how she felt that the supporters used her video footage to confuse voters.

I think it’s dishonest and downright deceitful that they would use footage of me to try to play tricks and fool voters. It’s insulting to the brave firefighters that saved the lives of my grandson and my great-granddaughter Zoey.

I’m outraged. They did not ask my permission. I feel violated.

I want to stop Senate Bill 5. Everyone should vote No on Issue 2.

Let’s be honest: A group of people who would use someone’s very personal words in a way that was the direct opposite of which she intended them to be used doesn’t care about voters. This wasn’t just a personal affront against an old lady who has an opinion. This is an assault on the voters of Ohio. This is their only way of making this seem like a good idea. And even people who believe that Issue 2 is a good idea should be deeply concerned that their leaders are acting in such a manner.

A Cincinnati firefighter who responded to the fire where Zoey was saved from the fire asked for the ad to be pulled as well.

Reports on Plunderbund show that Building a Better Ohio finally issued a statement, and that they don’t care that they’re playing fast and loose with voter’s understanding. They don’t care about their voters, their voters’ comprehension of what is going on or the morality of using someone’s words in a matter that they did not intend. They simply want to win. It’s disgusting.

Columbus stations — except for WBNS, owned by the Dispatch group — have pulled the ad. I urge my Ohio readers to sign the petition to get the ad pulled — and, of course, to Vote No on Issue 2.