Spring Race Announcement: I’m Running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon

If you follow me on Twitter or my personal Facebook page, you already know this, but an official announcement also belongs on the blog: I’m running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

I’ve known this for awhile, but argued with myself about it for quite some time. Didn’t I want to run the full again in Pittsburgh? Didn’t I want to beat my time? And I do. Maybe. Someday. But I also want to run the half in Pittsburgh as it remains my favorite distance. I want to experience the half course, to experience all my favorite city has to offer marathon wise.

Taken by Jenn during the 2014 Pittsburgh Marathon
So, I won’t be running up here like I was when Jennifer took my photo, but I’ll be running.

And so, the half it is.

But there’s also an addition to my run this year.

Our ClubhouseI’ll be running to raise money for Our Clubhouse. Why? They provide services for families living with and touched by cancer. For free. All kinds of services. They provide support groups, health and wellness programs, art workshops, social activities and more to those diagnosed with cancer, their families, and those living beyond cancer.

As you know, 2014 has been a rough year for our family. My paternal Grandma died of renal cancer in June. My maternal Grandma is currently in the early stages of leukemia. An aunt is dealing with a recurrence of breast cancer right now. So when I went to pick a charity to run for this year, Our Clubhouse made perfect sense. Our family isn’t just dealing with one kind of cancer, so I didn’t want to raise money for just one kind of cancer. I wanted something that supports both cancer patients, survivors, and their families. I wanted something that felt like it made a difference in the here and now for people. While money for cancer research remains important, services for people who are battling cancer as they make sense of it all… well, that’s equally important in my book. Likewise, those family members who have questions during… and after… need a safe place to go.

And so, that’s why I picked Our Clubhouse.

So far, I’ve raised $125 of my initial goal of $350. I am trying to think of the best way to honor those who donate to my fundraiser. I can’t put them on a shirt to wear on race day as I need to wear minimal clothing on race day. (Remember: I run hot!) I’ve been thanking people on social media, and I’m going to list their names here. But I’m also working on something like a potential shirt for Expo Day on Saturday and other little ways to honor those in my family and life touched by cancer and those who are supporting this fundraising run I’m going to take on! So look for that in the coming weeks as I work to find a creative way to thank everyone.

For now, this will do:

The Jauss Family
Stephanie Ryan
The White Family
Eric Wallace

If you’d like to donate to my fundraiser, please visit my Crowdrise page for Our Clubhouse. (There’s also a widget on the sidebar of my blog.) After I hit my first goal, I’ll be upping the amount incrementally. I’d love to see how much money we can raise for families touched by cancer in Western PA.

Training begins Monday, February 9, 2015 as I’m going with a 12 week training plan this go ’round. I have two races before that, the holiday RunStreak, and then a short break during which I will likely run anyway because, well, that’s what I do. Let’s do this!

PS: Whether you run for a charity or run just to run, you should register for the Pittsburgh Marathon today. Because it’s AWESOME. Because it’s PITTSBURGH.

Game on!