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Race Recap: The Pittsburgh EQT 10 Miler That Wasn’t

My mom took this picture at 6:00 AM, right before we left the house to get to the West End Circle when it closed at 7:00 AM.

The Race That Wasn't

We left the house in plenty of time, got delayed by some deer who felt that they owned the road, and hit the West End Circle Exit at 6:59 AM EST.

And the exit was closed.

As was every entrance to get us anywhere close to the race area. We drove around for an hour. One police officer told us she had no idea how to tell us where to go and that we should have gotten there earlier. We followed a steady stream of cars like us, stuck in the same same eight block loop of nothingness. I don’t know if those care ever raced their race destination.

But by the time we left the city, the race was starting and the runners were heading up the hill into the West End Circle.

I cried, and I cried hard.

First of all, to get lost in a city that used to be yours, that used to be your stomping ground, that used to belong to you, is a punch to the gut. That was my city, my place. And now I don’t know it like I used to, and I got us lost more than a bunch of times. I felt embarrassed and heart-broken.

Secondly, if you know me, I deal with my anxiety and depression with running. To be denied that run on a day that I needed it most felt like a personal affront, a huge failure, a foreshadowing of things to come. Some people suggested that I should just spend time with family instead, except that I’m an introvert. I’d been spending time with the family all week and I needed 10 miles to let my thoughts sort themselves out, to let the grief make sense, to let the building anxiety release.

And then, to top it all off, I let my husband down. I just wanted to run in my favorite city, my hometown, with him.

I am heartbroken, and quite honestly, I’m allowed to be right now. The losses of my grandmothers, the losses of my only release, the loss of knowing left from right and up from down in my own city all sting more than a hornet on a hot summer run.

I went and ran 3.29 miles with tears streaming down my face once we got back to The Farm.

The Run I Took Anyway, Not That It Mattered

Everything feels a mess. Maybe I’ll run it next year. Maybe I’ll just quit.


NaBloPoMo Running

Training for the Pittsburgh 10 Miler: Six Days to Go

Apparently the Pittsburgh 10 Miler is in six days. That’s interesting.

Training for the Pittsburgh 10 MilerQ

Maybe a little terrifying? I mean, last year, I ended up with an injured foot after the race. The two weeks between the Columbus Half Marathon and the Pittsburgh 10 Miler and the fact that I didn’t cut my mileage very much at all between the two races meant that I ran myself straight into a boot for not one but three weeks. (The three weeks came about because I didn’t listen to doctor’s orders the first week. Oops.)

Lovely Days

And so I took a different approach this year. It helped that three weeks exist between the two races. I decided not to run long. I ran long on October 19th—13.1 miles long. Then I, in essence, tapered again for the 10 miler. I know I can run 10. I could, with the paces I’ve been running, set another 10 miler PR.

I don’t know what I’m wearing yet. I wore capris and long sleeves last year. I might go caprisa, tank, and arm warmers. So much of this week depends on things that are out of my control.

That I Would Be Good

Here’s training this week:

Monday: 11,222 steps
Tuesday: 8,408 steps
Wednesday: 3.84 miles, 35:02, 9:08/pace
Thursday: 3.85 miles, 35.05, 9:07/pace, and TRICK OR TREAT! for a total of 10,995 steps
Friday: Rest Day!
Saturday: Ha, OMG laziest Saturday ever
Sunday: 3.75 miles, 35:28, 9:28/pace

I’m working on some intervals and a four miler (plus) this week. Or, that’s the plan. My maternal grandmother is in her last days in hospice care, so this week is up in the air. When my paternal grandmother died, I still managed to run the summer RunStreak, but 2014 has left me simply exhausted. I’ll do my best, and that will have to be enough. I’m simply hoping my husband and I can run the race on Sunday.

Yesterday's Run

I guess we’ll see. (Hoping to) See you in Pittsburgh!