This Week: More Snow, More Time to Read Your Blogs

Instagram, First Week of February 2014

I Instagrammed

Instagram, First Week of February 2014

A Weekend at Castaway Bay!


I Read and Loved

  • For Bloggers: Talk to Your Readers by Breanna Rose.

    “Quality over quantity always wins. A long time ago, I stopped caring about traffic and started investing in relationships, which has made all the difference.”


  • No Big Deal by Rachel at The Variegated Life.

    “The mantra helps me deal with whatever’s really going on, because instead of creating a huge drama out of the immediate situation, I am reminding myself that the situation isn’t solid and that this, too, shall pass.”


  • 15 Beginnings of an Essay I Will Never Write by Harris Sockel.

    “My mom used to take me to her psychiatrist appointments. I’d bring Pogs. I was nine.”


  • How to Suffer by Nicole Antoinette of A Life Less Bullshit.

    “Don’t shy away from a worthwhile struggle. The point of living isn’t to be as laid back and comfortable as possible all the damn time.”


  • 10 Reasons Why I love Damn Snow, Cold & Wind at Shut Up + Run.

    “I had no idea how much stronger it was making me to run in the wind and snow until I got on the treadmill yesterday to do intervals.”


  • So This Is Marriage by Galit Breen. (Originally posted on These Little Waves.

    “It’s a mutual knowing that eleven years later, a loosened grip and a drawing close can be the very same (beautiful) thing.”


Things I Wrote Elsewhere



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This Week: Instaweek, Links, and Elsewhere

Instaweek, August 4-10




Six Saturday Links

  • The Path Back by Shalini at Reading (and Chickens) — Comments are off, but you need to read it. Giving voice — and face — to depression, to the life experiences that make us believe at our cores that we are “less than” helps us all. Plus, her new haircut is awesome.

  • Three Signs You’re Not Writing Enough by Shanan at The Procrastiwriter — Well, cuss. All of those things? Totally me. Especially the thing where you spend time surfing the Internet instead of writing. Like I did when I found this, as I was searching for writing about writing instead of just writing. Ahem.

  • Smoke and Pastries by Susan at Mama Non Grata — Less about smoking and more about this line:

    it was the willingness to shatter a so-called perfect record in the name of something larger, riskier, stupider, sillier, more fun, less anxious, less caught up in the sum total and more alive to all its parts.

    Yeah. That.

  • And We’re Off by Are You the Babysitter? — Together, mother and daughter, head to Guatemala — her daughter’s birth country. I felt goosebumps and tingles, as a birth mother, as a mother, as a lover of travel and culture and bigger understandings. I hope they have the Best. Trip. Ever.

  • When God Is Holding Me Down (In a Good Way) by Beth Morey — Yes, another post about depression, but mixed with faith and anger and longing and so much beauty. I had all the feelings while reading this post. All of them.


Someone suggested that I should share what I write elsewhere on the web in these weekly posts too. I initially balked at the idea because I am not… great at self-promotion. My job is to promote others’ work, to show you the best of the best when it comes to writing about families and mothering and children and everything in between. To feature my own stuff feels like… bragging. I’ve been assured that’s not the case, but it still feels weird. Icky, even. All the same, here’s what I wrote this week.

I need to go shower off the self-doubt now. Have a good weekend!