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Kindergarten Readiness? NO, I’m NOT Ready

I made the call this morning and signed BigBrother up for his Kindergarten Screening. A friend on Facebook asked what that was, which I explained was just to see if kids are ready for Kindergarten. I remember my Kindergarten screening day. In the early 80’s. I had to write my name, say my letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. I had to walk in a straight line (I’m surprised I could do it), and walk up the stairs properly (one at a time). I had to jump. I failed skipping. Oh, skipping.

I’m not really sure what they’ll do at BigBrother’s screening next month. But he can do all the basic stuff — letters, numbers, shapes, colors, recall random facts about your tibia and femur and other bones(*), writing his name, knows his address and phone number. And his reading is coming along just fine. Just don’t ask him to skip. Ahem. So, I think he’s fine. His fine motor skills have exploded in the past year as well, and his texture issues are improving. He still gags when he tries new food, but he touches Play-Doh. High five, Buddy! Of course, when I read tips for getting ready for Kindergarten that involve “work on listening without fidgeting,” I laugh.

I have some maintenance stuff to take care of before his screening day. I have to find his Social Security card. And Birth Certificate. I know both are somewhere in the house, most likely in one of our filing things. It should be a fun; my very own treasure hunt. The reward? Letting go of my kid just a little bit more. Hooray.

So, yes, he’s ready for Kindergarten. Me? Uh. No. I’m still not ready. More ready than I was last fall. But not ready-ready.

But him? He’s ready.


(He also needs a haircut. We call this “Winter Hair.”)

I suppose I’ll work on getting ready then too. Orientation this month. Screening next month. Then one last summer of freedom — which I intend to make Epic. And then maybe I’ll be ready to walk into the era of Elementary School Mom without looking back too. I continue to learn from and take cues from my kids, so I suppose this should be no different.

(* = This kid is crazy interested in bones and the human body. I think that’s awesome.)