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Communication, a Telephonic Invasion

“You’re intruding on what’s mine and
You’re taking up my time
Don’t have the courage inside me
To tell you please let me be
-No Doubt, “Spiderwebs”

I’ve been working on unplugging for quite some time. Yes, I love my phone but I refuse to let it rule my world.

Over a year ago, I set about turning off all notifications on my phone. All of them. Well, save for one that reminds me I am worthy. This proves difficult because every time you download a new app, it wants to turn on new notifications. Additionally, I also removed the number counts on my email, voicemails, and text messages. Looking at my phone, there’s no way to know that anything new is happening. I actively have to open Messages, the phone, and my email to see if someone has tried to contact me.

Not only did I remove badges and banners from even my most frequently used apps, but I turned off text notifications and put my phone in DND 90% of the time. Yes, I do understand what a phone is for, but I needed to take control of my device and thus my own time.

I will admit, doing those things resulted in some people who were annoyed that I didn’t immediately respond to their text messages. The phone issue was less of an issue in that those who really needed to reach me would, wait for it, leave a message. I opened my phone “app” once an hour to make sure I hadn’t missed a call. I would pull my phone out of DND when I was expecting a call back from the doctor or another known call. Otherwise, Do Not Disturb saved my soul.

For years prior to that, I made my default ringtone a silent tone and only gave ringtones to people in my circle. This was the next step beyond that one as I still needed more control over how my phone interrupted my day. As an aside, certain ringtones and text alerts cause me to have extreme anxiety to this day based on who they were attached to and the feelings associated with that time in my life.

I still missed a few things but was mostly happy with how things were going. When I added in use of the Hiya app to alert me to scam and spam calls as well as spoofed numbers, things got exponentially better. Now I knew I didn’t need to call back that number on the list despite the fact that they called me eight times in a row. As a bonus, my phone never rang for these incessant telemarketing calls. Straight to voicemail it is!

I now don’t miss much. The big update of Apple iOS to 11 brought about a super great feature for your contacts. Prior to the update, you could put certain callers on your Favorites list. They would always ring through on DND when they called in a traditional voice call, but not for a Facetime call on the first iteration of this feature. Then they allowed you to add Facetime and even text to your favorites, but these were also sometimes hit and miss. I still relied on them to allow those I wanted to contact me, my husband’s fire department, and my sons’ schools to get ahold of me no matter what.

But now it’s even better.

The update gave us Emergency Bypass for any contact you so choose. This means your phone will alert you for phone, Facetime, and yes, even text should you so choose, each and every time. Even if you’re in DND. However, as a caveat, it will alert you even if your sound is off and/or turned all the way down. As such, you may want to pull those select contacts before you sit in an important meeting or go to catch a movie. Just remember to add them back when you finish up. Sure, it’s an extra step, but it works.

Here’s the thing: I love being able to connect with my people whenever I want. But that’s the kicker: Whenever I want. Both my husband and I are missing the days when you left the house and your phone stayed at home. I literally don’t need to answer every phone call and text in an immediate fashion. I am allowed to put my phone down and experience the world. In fact, I want to put my phone down and experience the world. I also want to model that for my children.

I recently went as far as removing the Facebook app from my phone. Listen, I enjoy Facebook. I like watching videos of my nephews. I like to check out local Events to find fun things to do with my family and friends. I enjoy a good meme. I even appreciate the sharing of information and ideas in a respectful manner. But last week? My anxiety was already sky high thanks to things which I cannot control. Facebook did nothing to improve the situation, and I have a pretty culled timeline thanks to unfollow and hide. The hate and vitriol were still so unnerving that I actually deactivated my account over the weekend just to catch a breather.

It was heavenly.

I reactivated on Monday and immediately removed the app from my phone. I also removed my quick link from the bookmark bar and logged out of the website on my computer browser. I now am not mindlessly clicking on Facebook on my phone or my computer. To access the social media site, I have to type it into the browser on either device and actively login. Yesterday I logged in twice, though I also shared a recipe from a website after we ate it but I didn’t actively access Facebook. (Really. It’s a good recipe which I switched to the Instant Pot. 40 minutes on high, if you’re wondering. You are welcome.)

It’s not that I don’t care about my family and friends. I do. Very much so. I also don’t purposefully avoid phone calls or text messages as a thumb to my nose, despite what my dad thinks about me never answering my phone. (To be fair, he almost only calls when I’m on the opposite side of the house from my phone and somehow not wearing my Apple Watch—which is another post in itself.) However, I believe my time is my own. I don’t want to be so overrun by everyone’s opinions and negativity. I don’t want to be held hostage by my phone, by someone else’s demands on my time.

I’ll answer my phone when I want. I’ll return calls when I have time to sit down and give the caller their due respect with my quiet attention. I’ll respond to texts when I can. And yes, I still like my Twitter and Instagram, but if they start to negatively affect my mental health, they’ll get the boot from my phone as well.

All of this is to say: If you call me and I don’t answer, it’s not you. It’s me.

Communication, a Telephonic Invasion: Or, Managing my Phone Usage

“Sorry I’m not home right now
I’m walking into spiderwebs
So leave a message
And I’ll call you back”
-No Doubt, again, obviously


Instaweek, October 7-13, 2012

Instaweek October 7-13, 2012

Instaweek October 7-13, 2012

BB's room is clean. Also panorama on #iOs6 is awesome. #iphone5

LB's room is clean. #panorama #nofilter #firefighter #firetruck

Instaweek October 7-13, 2012

This week we froze, cheered, and wore hats at Sunday soccer games. My husband made a funny face when I tried to take a picture, so of course I posted it on the Internet. We rode bikes. The boys imagined and played — without fighting — thus renewing my faith in brotherhood. I accidentally wore my Obama shirt to preschool pickup. Callie played (a lot). Soccer practice and more soccer practice.

Callie photobombed my #blogherlovesshoes photo. My husband found a 20-year-old roll of Life Savers that his grandma gave him. (Gross.) I found pizza sauce that we all seem to like pretty well. My order from Chloe & Isabel came; my stylist is Suz and she’s donating money to young moms if you order this month. LittleBrother had a costume-ified playdate. Callie didn’t leave my side all day Saturday. BigBrother helped arrange his stuffed animals, and I wrote him a note in his room.

I learned to use the panorama feature on iOS6 and the iPhone 5 to show how clean the boys rooms are when we work together to pick up the stray odds and ends on Saturdays.

A Gerber daisy in my flower garden went to seed. Since my Pittsburgh friends were busy and I knew the weather was supposed to turn icky on Sunday, I rescheduled a friend’s photoshoot to Saturday evening out at Salt Fork State Park; I used the panorama feature again at the end of the shoot just because I can. Also, leggings season is upon is! Hallelujah!

My favorite photo of the week?

Oh Callie. Lol. #germanshepherd

Callie looks kind of regal — and kind of old — in this photo. It cracked me up.

What did you Instagram this week? What was your favorite photo?