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An Easy Way to Give to the Children Who Need It Most

Today is Giving Tuesday, which I love. Giving makes me happy.

While we already have a lot of giving and donating worked into our Advent calendar activities, I wanted to tell you about something important today that you can use to get involved with something on Giving Tuesday, today December 3, through December 17.

As you may or may not know, I have a love for Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. They were so kind to us when LittleBrother needed a procedure done as a baby. I’ve fallen more in love with them over the years as I’ve come to see the great care they have for their patients, one of whom includes my best friend. I am thrilled to share a way for you to help them out that involves a simple share on social media.

Today through December 17, when you upload a photo of your favorite holiday things to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #NCHFavorites, Simple Bath Ohio will donate $5 to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. FIVE DOLLARS for a picture you’re going to upload anyway. How many photos of your tree have you already posted? Or your outdoor Christmas lights? Or your crazy neighbor’s eleventy billion inflatable lawn decorations? Or your kids sitting on Santa’s lap? Or your kids dressed as angels in the church play? Or your husband asleep on the couch in his holiday sweater? Or your dog dressed in an elf costume? Or whatever. You get the point. You’re going to upload and share these pictures on your social media accounts anyway, so why not raise money for some kids who deserve it while you’re busy getting your holiday on?

Post Your Favorite Holiday Things Pics and Raise Money

Not convinced yet? Not sure one hashtag is worth it? Not sure that the five dollars donated from your hashtagged photo will mean anything? Watch this. (You know it’s meaningful if I share a video with you.)

I stop what I’m doing every time this spot comes on TV. I can’t imagine my child being in the hospital over the holidays; I don’t want to imagine it. For the families and children who are forced to endure it, I want to do something. Anything.

Here are some important facts about Nationwide Children’s Hospital (that make me want to give all the more):

  • There’s a great need. This year, more than a million children walked through their doors. The need grows every year. In 2012 alone, Nationwide Children’s Hospital provided more than $96 million in charity care and community benefit services. They don’t ever want to turn a family away due to their inability to pay. Our donations help make that possible.

  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital is all about lifesaving research too. They’re a national center for gene therapy for neurological diseases, a national leader in using tissue engineering to grow pediatric heart vessels, and home to more than 130 child health scientists and 1000 research staff — all discovering new ways to help children close to you and around the world.

  • Giving local is good. When you give to Nationwide Children’s, your gift stays here in central Ohio. It supports the family-centered care they provide. It supports the leading-edge pediatric research they conduct. And it supports the recruitment of world-class physicians. While patients may travel across the country and around the world for their expert care, the money you give stays here at home.

I donate to a lot of things over the year, more and most especially during this time of year. I know that I feel a bit strapped as we enter this big giving season as I’m trying to maintain a budget while providing a Christmas for my own family. I love that Simple Bath Ohio and Nationwide Children’s have come together and made it possible for me to give to something I believe in without further emptying my own wallet.

I pledge to post at least two photos per day with the #NCHFavorites hashtag between now and December 17.

Here’s my first for today:

I’m going to post that many Christmas photos anyway, so why not send that money to a place that helps the children who need it most. I hope you’ll join me over the next two weeks. I’d love to see your favorite holiday things, your traditions, as we work together to raise money.