Dispatches from Camp: Lime

After we hiked down the hill from the Children’s Tabernacle and made our way to our cottage as soon as the boys’ morning class, we sat at the table and ate our lunch. I asked the same question I ask everyday over lunch: “What did you learn during class today?”

BigBrother replied, “About limes.”

I stopped chewing my bite of tomato sandwich and looked at him. “Limes?”

He nodded, but didn’t offer up any other information. I pressed ahead. “What about limes?” I tried to think of some comparison of lime to our faith (or maybe a lack thereof) or being a cheerful Christian or something. If I would have had my phone, which is upstairs in our cottage balanced on a half-wall so it can get 3G service and I can work, I would have Googled limes in the Bible. So, I just waited for him to explain.

He cleared his throat, obviously getting ready for a BigBrother-esque type tale. “Well, Jesus was at a party, you know. Like a big one. Right. And they ran out of lime. Because there were so many people. And so Jesus turned a lot of water into lime. You know, like you do. That’s what we learned.”

I nodded. “Ah, yes, the story of Jesus turning the water into lime. I know that one well.”

And, no, I didn’t correct him — on the lime/wine word play or the me not quite being on the same level as Jesus.

To be fair, every time I get a glass of water, I put a squirt or two of lime into my glass. I have an issue with not consuming enough water, and the lime gives it some extra flavor, thus causing me to drink more. So his whole concept of water and lime being hand-in-hand is of my doing.

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