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Our Camping Trip, In Pictures

Tomorrow I will write some tips about camping (cabin/cottage style) with two children, aged two and under. But as we’ve just returned home and I’m not quite in writer-mode, I’m just going to throw up our ten day vacation in pictures with some short explanations. I’ll be much more wordy tomorrow. Trust me.


Day one started out pretty nicely. We arrived to camp a day early in hopes of helping the boys acclimate before the campground was invaded by hundreds of others people. They enjoyed having the swing set on the playground to themselves. They went to sleep easily and slept all night, making me overly confident for the nights to come.

Play Place

Day two brought the official start of camp. The boys learned where their play place was in the living room of the cottage and played hard. In this picture, LittleBrother was not yet crawling. That changed quickly. Meaning? By the following day, he was actively crawling. Yes. My youngest child learned to crawl in a place that was not exactly babyproofed. Yes, I had a heart attack all week long. Day two brought us to night two which resulted in a two hour screaming fest by LittleBrother despite being nursed, held, rocked, walked and soothed by me and eventually my Mother (minus nursing). Nothing was wrong. He just missed his own bed. Thank goodness for co-sleeping because we eventually caught a few z’s. See next picture.

Tired Morning

Day three started with a cottage full of sleepy people. This picture was one of only four that I snapped that day, choosing to nap on the couch mid-afternoon while both boys passed out in their respective beds. I have no actual recollection of anything cool happening on Friday because I was very Zombie Mommy and my children were very Zombie Children. The good news is that we survived.

Lip Whistling

On Saturday, my best friend came down to camp with her three month old son and we had fun as a group. This picture, while not accurately depicting the general awesomeness of our day, made me laugh so hard that I had to choose it for the daily picture. BigBrother was in love with the lip whistle. In fact, he still is as it managed to make its way home. Because I don’t have enough noise in my house without lip whistles, of course.

Ringing the Bell

On Sunday morning, BigBrother got to ring the bell for morning service. Despite holding his ear in this picture (loud noises currently bother him), he thought that this was the most fantastic thing in the world. All week when the bell would ring for various reasons, he would sit on our porch (which was situated directly in front of the bell) and watch in amazement. He would also get grumpy when he wasn’t allowed to ring the bell. Such is life.


Monday brought FireDad’s arrival for a few days. I missed him and wanted to take a nice picture. He wanted to be goofy. And there you have this picture. The boys enjoyed having their Daddy after a long absence. I enjoyed having someone to help me wrangle two small children. I also enjoyed picking on my Husband after not being able to for days and days. That’s love, ya know.

Family Picture 2008

We took our 2008 family camp picture on Tuesday. (See 2006 here. No 2007 because I was in beached whale mode and not camera friendly.) This picture is not exactly the best but it took umpteen shots to make sure that all eyes were open and that BigBrother wasn’t making his mean face. And that I didn’t look like a humpback whale. Apparently a baby on one hip makes me slouchy.

Sun Peeking

On Wednesday, we spent a lot of time outside, chalking the sidewalk. My aunt and cousins arrived and provided endless entertainment for BigBrother, allowing me a few moments alone with LittleBrother. This was one of the calmer days. I think.

Only Picture

My Mother will hate me for this picture but its oddly the only picture I took on Thursday. Nothing specific stands out about the day.


Since LittleBrother started crawling, these two have started their beginning days of rough-housing. This gives me a headache and a panic attack and a general feeling of happiness and dread every other second. I started packing up things that were packable on Friday to return on Saturday afternoon. This made me cry.

Young Camp Love

BigBrother and his Camp Girlfriend both performed in their first Children’s Program on Saturday afternoon. They sang four songs. And then shared kisses off stage. Camp Girlfriend’s Daddy didn’t seem to ecstatic about the kissing. But I melted, of course. We left shortly after the program. And I cried for a good ten minutes on the road.

It was a very hectic year. My aunt assured me that next year will be easier. I’m not so sure as LittleBrother will be walk/running and be mostly pre-verbal. I think that sounds more hectic. Anyway, we survived. We were blessed by some great sermons, some great friends, a lot of great food and some time together as a family. Now we’re back to the daily grind and I’m ready for next year already.

As I said, I’ll have some tips tomorrow!

Faith Family Living Life

So, Everyone’s Going to BlogHer…

BlogHer this. BlogHer that. BlogHer. BlogHer. BlogHer.

No, I’m not going. Yes, I’m a bit grumpy about it. I’ve wanted to go for two years now but if the dates stay what they are, well, I’ll never be able to go. As you know from yesterday’s post, I’m in the process of packing for camp. It’s a yearly event. Same dates, every year. It’s also an integral part of my faith and, as such, “ditching it” isn’t something that I’m willing to do. And so, I unplug for eleven days while my peers all plan to get together and be super-plugged-in. I’m trying not to be salty. I’m trying to remind myself that my faith and my family are more important than any conference, no matter how awesome.

And it’s true. Camp was always a highlight of my summers while growing up. I made friends as a young child that are now all grown up and attending with their children. Our children are becoming friends. And the cycle is renewing itself. It is my dream that my sons will attend with their children in tow, watching them grow in faith and love with their friends’ children.

This year is set to be even more exciting and special. For the past twenty-seven years of my life, I have been staying in the cottage that my Great-Grandfather built. My Great-Grandmother, still alive and healthier than the lot of us, is the reason the family began attending. The cottage was built in the 60’s and is a huge part of my childhood summer memories. But this year, we bought our own cottage with my parents. Our family has outgrown the old cottage. And so, we’re expanding! It’s a lovely cottage that, albeit, needs some work when camp ends this year. But it’s just perfect. We already went to test it out (Mom and Dad have been getting it ready for this year as I’ve been very busy) and BigBrother approves of the big, screened in porch. It’s also right near the playground. An added bonus.

Faith-wise, many people don’t understand. And that’s okay. While I have a strong faith, it is such a blessing to be able to spend ten days each year concentrating on the relationship I have with my God. (And, you know, parenting and eating yummy food and doing a little relaxing as well.) But it’s the main reason that I won’t just “ditch” the last weekend and fly off to mingle with people that I consider some of my best friends. I’ll think of you all. I’ll miss your comments and e-mails and posts and general awesomeness. And I’ll probably feel a little bit jealous.

But I know I’m choosing the right path for myself and my family. And I’ll continue to do so. So, someone have a blast for me. I look forward to reading your posts when everyone gets home (which is the same time that I get home!).