Wise Words to Consider in Light of a Loss

I normally write about Penn State football on Saturdays. And while I’ll tune into the 3:30 game against Iowa and cheer on our Nittany Lions, it’s not what I feel deserves my blog-attention this morning. As FireDad and I watched the late night news last night, we learned that Heather Pick, Columbus 10TV news anchor, lost her battle with breast cancer yesterday.

I didn’t ever get to meet Heather Pick but I felt especially touched by her public battle when Mom was diagnosed last year. Heather was a beautiful and courageous woman who shared her fight against cancer in a way that wasn’t scary. She changed her wigs on set to let others know about programs available and, in the process, showed us that a bald head is still just as beautiful. She fought. She fought hard. And FireDad and I were both shocked to hear that she lost the battle.

But the video tribute left us with some wise words.

“Don’t wait. Give someone an unexpected gift just because you appreciate them. Take your loved ones to a cherished community treasure or try something completely new.”


-Heather Pick, 1970-2008

As a family that has been touched by breast cancer, I can tell you that is wise advice. But, even still, it’s something that gets lost by those of us who are healthy and just dealing with the day-to-day busy lives that we live. And so, today, do something with your children that you haven’t done before. Or with your Husband. Or with your own Mother. Or, perhaps, even yourself.

Don’t wait.

You can leave your condolences on 10TV’s website. Donations may be made in her honor at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, or the Stephanie Spelman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

The Fire Family lifts their prayers up for Heather’s husband, two young children and other family and friends at this very difficult time. May peace and light somehow be found in the darkness.


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