Goodbye SB 5! We Have Defeated Issue 2 in Ohio!

I was nervous all day. I knew that we had done the work to get the word out about Issue 2 (Senate Bill 5) and how it would affect our state. I knew there was support. I knew that I had done my part, that my husband had done his. But I worried: Was it enough?

It was.

I cried. I cried tears of joy and tears of relief. I had been holding a lot of anxiety in about this election process, about the results. And while I know that the journey isn’t over, that Kasich is still in “control” of our state, I am just SO PROUD of Ohio tonight.

Fire Trucks on Election Day

My family thanks you, Ohio. I thank you, Ohio. You may be not be my home-state, but you’re a state that I’ve grown to love. Thank you for doing me proud tonight. Thank you for caring for my family today.

[No official word on our school levy yet. It’s very, very close. I’ll blog that tomorrow. Right now, I’m rejoicing in this important-to-us victory!]


SB 5: It’s Not Over

To say that I was surprised by yesterday’s House vote and quick Senate turnaround wouldn’t be accurate. I wasn’t surprised. At all. I was sad. I was frustrated. I was angry. But I wasn’t surprised.

And I also wasn’t discouraged.

I didn’t tweet much about SB 5 yesterday, choosing instead to follow twitter and Facebook quietly as the day progressed toward the eventual outcome. When it eventually passed the Senate again with the changes the House passed, I simply said:

Horribly disappointed in Ohio's elected officials tonight. Trying to remember that this is not over. We will prevail. #sb5
Jenna Hatfield

That tweet got me multiple replies, some retweets and a handful-plus of Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio-loyal followers. Do you know what that says to me?

It’s not over.

Those who passed this bill with the rush to get it in by the end of the month did so with the hope that our referendum in November wouldn’t garner the same amount of voters as next year’s Presidential election. They have underestimated us. If people are following twitter search results after ten o’clock at night and following people with like-minded views on the passing of Senate Bill 5, then those in charge are greatly underestimating the power we have when we band together.

We will turn out in large numbers. We will get the required signatures to get the referendum on November’s ballot. And we will turn out in droves to vote. We will be heard. We will be seen. We will provide for the middle class what those in power have taken away.

I promised at an earlier date to keep those who are interested up-to-date with information on how you can help and be involved with the process. If you are interested in getting involved immediately, please email with your contact information to volunteer. I did when I saw it on the Ohio AFL-CIO page this morning. Or you can sign up via the SEIU page with a simple form. And the Ohio Democratic Party has a form up as well.The first step will be collecting signatures. Our family will be participating. If you have the time, I encourage you and yours to do the same.

An email from the Ohio Democratic Party just let me know the following:

  • 231,149 – Signatures needed to place a referendum of the law on the ballot.
  • 1,000 – Number of signatures needed for petition language to be approved by the Attorney General and Secretary of State, before additional petitions can be circulated.
  • 44 – Minimum number of counties where the petition signatures need to be collected.

As I learn more information about the efforts, I will keep you updated. My blog isn’t going to become an All Politics, All the Time blog as my family still lives a balanced life, but I will let you know what we’re doing and how you can get involved. I’ll be creating a specific SB 5 section of the site which you can choose to follow or not. New in that section today is an email from Andy Thompson about why he supported the bill.

If you have any other information about local or statewide efforts, please leave a comment or contact me.