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Friday Four (Again)

Friday Four Pictures I Didn’t Post Elsewhere

Friday Four (Again)

Clockwise from Top Left: LittleBrother’s eighth birthday; a tiny heart appeared when I was icing the cake; Pokemon card time; selfie on Thanksgiving.


Friday Four Awesome Reads This Week

The Bad Habits of Good Readers: Haha, oops. I’m a great speller, but hooboy, do I skim whatever I find boring.

Paper Lights Christmas Garland: I want to make this SO. HARD.

For When You’re Actually Not a Okay: A Self-Care Printable: Printed it. You should too.

Pittsburgh man develops software that aims to become ‘Turbo Tax’ of health care: Hey! I went on a mission trip with Dan when we were in high school, and Facebook reconnected us a few years ago. I was scrolling the Book of Face the other day when I saw Dan’s face in an article another friend shared. Our generation is doing good things, folks. Watch for us.

Friday Five

Friday Four

Because sometimes five is just too many on a Friday.

Four Photos I Didn’t Post Elsewhere This Week

Friday Four

Clockwise from top left: Walking with my daughter; sometimes Callie makes the cutest happy face; running this week has been good for my anxiety; this is how you take a birthday to the fire department so your son can open his presents and have cake with his daddy while he’s working.

Four Things I Read That Made Me Think/Feel/Laugh/Etc

1. 30 Sentence I Only Said After I Turned 30: “If I have more than two tonight I’ll wake up with a hangover.” Why is this so true? Also, I would like to add something, and maybe should just write a post about it, but what is UP with acne in your mid-30’s? UGH.

2. Grieving with My Daughter Over the Son I Couldn’t Keep: Tips for reading this one: Have some tissues handy, and by golly, don’t read the comments.

3. Holiday Read Aloud Chapter Books: No, you just requested all of these from the library.

4. The Prize Is in the Process: Oh, hey. I forget this one. A lot. In fact, I laughed at my yoga teacher last week when she suggested learning handstands. My mind was all, “Uhm, I’m a runner and we keep our legs below us, thankyouverymuch.” But now I’m thinking of all the process it took to learn to run again and then to run distance. And the process it took to learn my body enough to take up yoga again. And the process of how far I’ve come since August. And then I start thinking about mothering and writing and all the things… so. Yeah. Good post.