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5 Reasons Why It’s Good to Be Married to a Firefighter

There are some added bonuses when you marry a firefighter. (And some things that would probably fall more in the “con” column than the “pro” one but we’re not talking about those today.) This is just a list of five things that popped into my head. Being married to a firefighter actually has many more perks… right?

5. The schedule really isn’t half bad. Sure, there are times that he’s gone for 36, 48 or even 72 hours at a time. But when things are working normally, he’s gone for 24 hours and then home for two full days. That means I get a lot of help around the house, the kids get a lot of quality time and, well, it’s just nice to see him for two full days at a time. It allows us to make plans for an entire year as his schedule remains the same. And taking one day off really means that he has five days off in a row.

4. The boys have a built in hero in the family. Sure, right now guys like Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Incredible are of great interest to BigBrother. But for them to see and understand that the world’s real heroes aren’t imaginary will be beneficial. In addition, we have a free pass to the fire department whenever we choose. It’s a great way for TheBrothers to run off their energy at the end of a day (during which I have been at home with the boys, alone, all day). Other bonuses in this line of thinking include that they’re not afraid of firefighters like some children might be, they learn things like “stop, drop and roll” early on and they have a healthy respect and understanding of fire. It’s really just a built in learning tool.

3. Having a family in the fire department is not a bad thing to have. We have nineteen other families who would look out for our children, help us move and generally look out for us. They’ve given us advice on projects in our house, given us things to get started in our own home and generally been a great support. As with any company, their ages run the line from young’ns just starting out in life to those approach retirement. But they always have a smile for the boys and a kind word for me when we stop into the fire department.

2. He always changes our smoke detector batteries when the time changes (like you’re supposed to… which I know… and remind others… but I don’t like to climb on the ladder). We also have a small kitchen fire extinguisher out in the kitchen (even though it doesn’t match my decor) and a big fire extinguisher in an easy to reach place. We always know when there is a burning ban or a warning regarding other fire safety issues.

1. Let’s be honest: the fire uniform never really hurt anyone to wear it. Right? Right.

Of course, FireDad is more than just a firefighter. He’s also a paramedic which brings some extra bonuses into the home. (I can call him in a panic and say, “OMG! DO WE NEED TO GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM?!” And he can tell me that, no, we don’t and that I need to calm down.) Being ex-Army, he could probably also kill us but we won’t think about that one. As a fire instructor, I don’t really know what he could teach us but I’m sure it would be useful.

And then there’s everything else that he is to us. But we’ll save those for his upcoming birthday.