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State of the ‘Stache: Week Three

It continues to grow. The mustache, that is.

As I’m really the only one that FireDad is mouth-kissing, I can let you know that it has finally passed the “ow, it’s poking me in the lip and it hurts really bad” stage and entered the “it’s kinda soft but still partly poking but it hurts less” phase. So, don’t kiss him yet.

When I took today’s picture, one week since last week’s picture, I asked him why he was making a grumpy face as he was in a rather good mood. His response:

Because men with mustaches look like this!

He’s weird. But he’s weird with a mustache now.

Week 3

Weird with a mustache, and the best darn firefightin’, grocery shoppin’, Dyson sweepin’, barbecue chicken cookin’ husband out there.

fire life

State of the ‘Stache: It’s Growing

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and I was busy making lots of food. In fact, I wasn’t ready to tell you about the State of the ‘Stache anyway, as I hadn’t taken a picture for this week. I had taken the previous week’s photo (the starting one) on a Saturday, and this past Saturday we were… well, we weren’t thinking about blogging.

Silly husband is silly.

I finally managed to take a picture yesterday as the sun was gleaming in the window after dinner. I took a few photos and let him choose his facial expression. He went with this one. I don’t know why he wants to look disgruntled. It must be a man thing.

Week 2

[Evening sun through our front window is beautiful, no?]

So, yes, there’s growth. If you look closely at the sides, there’s lots of blonde in there. He actually had to trim it up before he went for his haircut on Tuesday. At which point he asked me where to trim and if it was even. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, so I’m not quite sure I was the one he should have been asking, but I pointed out a few stray hairs and gave my best guess at symmetry. I don’t think I’ll be going into business as a Mustache Consultant any time soon. It’s hard!

His next photo will be on Wednesday or Thursday and I’ll post on Thursday or Friday of next week. I’ll also be sharing something funny with you that I bought for FireDad. To be honest, I’m having so much fun with this mustache experiment. Who knew facial hair could be so fun?