Menu Planning

Two Week Menu Plan: Butt for Dessert

I didn’t share my menu plans in October, mainly because I was feeling a little exhausted as I prepared for the Columbus Half Marathon. I still stuck with our menu planning, but I just couldn’t muster the energy to share it with everyone. It’s a shame, because we had some killer awesome fall dishes over the past month. I love fall and winter foods, though I struggle with remembering to watch portion sizes, especially at the beginning of transition from summer foods to fall foods.

But yes, give me all the soups and the noodles and the warm baked dishes and ooey, gooey warm goodness.

Menu Plan, November 1-13

Also give me all the meals at Papau and YiaYia’s house! I’m running the Pittsburgh 10 Miler on Sunday, so we’ll be at my parents’ house this weekend. My dad makes amazing pasta sauces, so I’m excited to carb load on The Farm on Saturday night and then eat dinner and treats again on Sunday night as well. We’re rocking some good soups this time too; the boys have been asking for tortellini soup since the weather cooled off. They’ll be thrilled!

Speaking of the boys and menu planning, I feel like the two little boys who live in this house think they’re super funny.

Boys. They're Funny.

I did not serve Nasty Pee-Pee Potty Sandwiches on Sunday nor any day last month. I am also not serving “butt for ‘deessert'” as was written one day when I walked by the menu chalkboard in the hallway that leads into the kitchen from my office. Silly, silly boys. I don’t serve dessert. Joke’s on them!

Menu Planning

Two Week Menu Plan: The Flexibility of Preparedness

I love menu planning, because it means that the question of “What’s for dinner?” is never a question. It’s on the calendar on the refrigerator, so even the boys know what’s for dinner. It’s in my planner where I write out — by hand, with pen! — absolutely everything. It’s in my phone, so I can access it from anywhere and so can my husband. I like having questions answered before they’re even asked.


Sometimes things come up that interfere with dinner. It happens to every family.

This week, our dryer arrived earlier than anticipated. I was looking forward to the Chipotle Popcorn Chicken last night, but as my husband was on the way to pick up the dryer, he called and said, “So, you can’t make dinner as I didn’t reconnect the gas just yet.” Oops. And so, I put the thawing chicken away and he picked up some sandwiches for dinner.

I moved the chicken to this menu plan, of course. That used to bother me. “OH NO! I DIDN’T FOLLOW THE MENU PLAN EXACTLY!” But I’ve gotten over it. I usually leave an empty day (or two) because I know we’ll do something or go somewhere or be invited somewhere or get a new dryer. I always schedule in a leftovers day as well, because leftovers happen (and are easy!).

And so, we have our next menu plan!

Two Week Menu Plan, October 4, 2013
Linkable Recipes: Chipotle Popcorn Chicken, Ham, Broccoli, Egg Bake, Smothered Pork Burritos (though I may have my husband smoke the pork as opposed to crock potting it), Hoisin Noodles (shrimp), Meatball Pizza, Tortellini Spinach Bake, Korean Beef.

I’m sure something will get bumped in this plan as well, but we’ll go with it and make it work for our family. I’m excited for a few of the newer recipes as well as some of our family favorites. (Basically, I just like to eat food!)