We Cheer (& Color) the Black & Gold

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins will play the Detroit Redwings (BOO) in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. What’s that mean (you know, for my non-sports-loving readers)? It’s an all-or-nothing, do-or-die, winner-takes-all kind of game. (Hockey, people, hockey.) The winner of tonight’s game gets to take home the (sexy) Stanley Cup and retains bragging rights for a full year.

Kind of like how the Steelers won the Super Bowl. Wouldn’t it be nice to have dual-bragging rights… to make up for the occasional fleeting whiff of mediocrity offered up by our (beloved) baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates? (By the way, they’re currently tied for last place in the Central division. Swell.) I think so. As such, we’re kind of geared up for tonight’s game. And by kind of, of course, I mean “totally stoked.” As the game falls after TheBrothers’ bedtime (What? Your kids don’t have a bedtime? Mine do. Hush it.), I figured we would get in the hockey mood ahead of time.

First, we colored the Pittsburgh Penguins logo(ish) on a coloring page found here. See?

LittleBrother's Handy-Work

And, BigBrother got serious about it as well.


BigBrother = Serious About Hockey

(I’d claim that I don’t know why he makes those faces but, well, that would be a lie. Anyone who viewed some pictures that I recently uploaded to Facebook from my junior year of high school musical will see that I’m, uhm, quite the performer. As such, BigBrother seems to have inherited my gene for, uhm, drama. Yes. That’s it.)

And because I have little to no ability when it comes to cookies (minus sprinkles on hearts), I couldn’t fenangle these awesome cookies. (I want a Crosby jersey cookie. Someone send me one.) We will, however, be cutting out some cookies in the shape of a hockey puck (you know… a circle) and baking them after supper tonight. I think (perhaps?) that I have some yellow food coloring to make the icing “gold” for on top of the “hockey puck” circles. I’m banking on the Penguins coming off with a win so that we can take our yellow circles hockey pucks home with us to The Farm in Pennsylvania tomorrow as a form of celebration.

And so, tonight, when the kids go to bed (jealous?), I’ll kick back and cheer on my beloved black and gold… quietly… because kids will be sleeping. FireDad, sadly, will be at the Fire Department. So, it will just be me, the glow of the television and lots of hope. (Sadly, no IC Light or Primanti’s sammich to make it a real Pittsburgh experience.)

And, since I can yell right now, GO PENGUINS!

[By the way, I’d like to point out that I’m on Discovery Health’s site right now for Baby Week. You can go here to view my smiling face but, if you’d rather cut to the chase, my birth stories are here. And, no, they don’t involve hockey (though I’d love to read a birth story that somehow involved hockey… links?!).]


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