Library Haul: August 2013

We visit the library a lot during the month, but one trip per month constitutes as the monthly haul. All the other weekly (or multiple times weekly) trips happen with the intent of trading out books that don’t strike our fancy or to pick up books we’ve requested from inter-library loan. Yesterday was our haul day.

First off, I have a (giant!) new library bag. It’s the BlogHer ’13 official swag bag!

Thank you, BlogHer!

It’s roomy for library haul day, wears very well as a cross-body bag and is a lovely shade of blue. Hooray, and thank you, BlogHer!

We left the library with a number of books.

Library Haul, August 2013


I’ll tell you what we each picked, but first, a story.

I helped the boys each pick both age appropriate books and let them spend time looking for and picking whatever they so desired. They sat down at tables in the children’s section while I set off to search for books I might like, or, you know, books I was judging by cover since none of my holds made it to the library for haul day. I hit the new releases section, the religion section, the poetry area, the “so you think you’re a writer” shelves, and a few other shelves here and there. I made my way back to the boys, reached for my wallet in the library bag, and came up empty handed.

“Boys, I left my wallet in the car. Sit here and I’ll be right back.”

The clouds hung low and heavy as I walked out to the car. I reached into my purse as a flash of a memory of the morning passed through my brain. I sighed as I remembered that my wallet sat safely inside my laptop bag. At home. I grabbed the umbrella — just in case — and walked back into the library. I knew the answer, but I made my way to the front desk all the same.

“I’m sorry, but we’ve left our library cards at home in my wallet. Can we still check out our books?” I asked in my most sincere, please-have-pity-on-me voice.

“Not unless you want to buy new cards.”

I know that dealing with the local community day in and day out in the only place for free Internet access probably means that you don’t want to help people, so I didn’t hold her answer against her — even though I just told her that I had left my wallet at home. “Can you hold our books then? I’ll be back as quickly as possible.” She agreed, and I delivered the bad news to the boys. We handed over our picks to the librarian and walked outside — to a torrential downpour.


I opened my giant umbrella and we walked back to the car, no books in the new library bag — a sad scene indeed. By the time we made it home, FireDad greeted us at the door.

“Can we stay home with Daddy?” I nodded, grabbed my wallet, and headed back out in the bad weather. In a maxi dress. That was too long for my short stature, so every step from my car back into the library meant that my dress hem got wetter and wetter. All the same, we left with quite the haul this month.

Here’s what we each picked.

LittleBrother’s August Library Picks

LittleBrother's August Library Picks

Obviously, LittleBrother fell in love with The Puppy Place series by Ellen Miles. Really, he loves any books about dogs, but he desperately wants to be reading chapter books right now. So, these are his default love right now.

BigBrother’s August Library Picks

BigBrother's Library Picks

BigBrother forgot to use his Library Voice when I pointed at the Origami Yoda series. Really, this prompted today’s whole library visit as I looked on the website and saw that both were sitting on the shelf. He read the The Secret of the Fortune Wookie when we purchased it at the library’s Book Fair earlier this summer, and wants to read them all. What a happy boy today!

My Library Haul

Jenna's Library Haul

I don’t want to talk about any of the books that happen to be about writing in any way. Only one of those books (Note to Self) is fiction, and that makes me sad… but my holds should come in by next week, so I didn’t want to get too many at the same time. I do like to get a poetry book with every large library haul, and it’s been a long, long time since Plath slipped into my bag.

Note: FireDad couldn’t make the trip for the big haul today, so he’ll likely go on a random trip during the month to get some books.

We’ll take some books back over the month, get some new ones, and read as much as we can before our next big haul in September. Do you have any suggestions for us?

Parenting Photography

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 10

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

I used the camera this week. Bonus.

52 Weeks of Brotherhood Week 10

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

I needed to go to the library the other evening after dinner. Before I told the boys what I needed to do, I asked them what they wanted to do.

“Can we go to the library?”

“Yeah, I want to get some new books.”

Yes. Yes we can. And yes we did.

Despite the fact that I complain they’re growing too fast, one of the joys of having children who aren’t fully reliant on my every breath is that they don’t need me every second of every moment in every place. Yes, there’s some sadness to that as well, but let’s focus on the fact that, oh my goodness, I can walk the rows of the adult books without someone sighing or whining or saying, “Haven’t you found a book yet?” Instead, we hit the children’s department first. I help them pick books. They mostly know what they want, but I offer up suggestions as well. They usually get one book they pick out entirely on their own and one book I help locate. Last time, LittleBrother ended up with a book about tarantulas as I know he’s going through a big bug phase. He loved it.

After they pick their books, they sit down at the tables. Sometimes they read the books they have picked. Sometimes they read the magazines that sit next to the tables. LittleBrother has discovered the Scooby Doo comic books and regularly picks one up. I can sometimes hear him giggle while I’m off, touching the spines of books and reveling in the smell and space and time. Less so as I’ve reminded him to use his quiet voice in the library. This past time he remembered; I heard not a peep from him as I judged books by their covers, held them in my hands and put them back. He even whispered to the librarian when it was his turn to check out his books. I died of cute.

LittleBrother can read on his own now, but every now and then, he’ll ask his brother, “Will you read this to me?” BigBrother sat down this evening and read through the Elephant and Piggie book that LittleBrother brought home and has read to me no less than ten times. Then he ran to his room to find another of Mo Willems‘ series from his shelf to give to his brother as he recently did with the Fly Guy series books.

Bonding over books?

Oh, my heart!