Living Life



Yesterday I ran 82 degree temperatures, the sun beating down on my already burnt shoulders. Today I pulled my denim jacket closely around myself to keep the cool wind from ripping it off. They say about Ohio weather, “If you don’t like it, wait a minute.” It will change. It always changes.

Just like the air around me, everything in my life seems to constantly change. What my sons are interested in, whether or not the dog will eat from day to day, what the Internet wants to read, what I want to share; always changing.

For the longest time, I resisted change, fought back against anything new or different. I enjoy and rely on routine, on things being where they should when they should. I thrive when I make lists and plans and stick to set goals. It’s part of my Type-A personality, I suppose.

But sometimes things change without warning. Sometimes you realize you need change. Sometimes change is a welcome and comforting friend.

Maybe it’s time to not only embrace change, but to help it along. Put down the lists and the Five-Year Plan and breathe the deep breaths of a woman evolving.



Based on today’s Literary Mama Writing Prompt: The Feel of Change.

Living Life

Fall is Upon Us

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall. The leaves were already changing this past weekend as I drove along the Pennsylvania turnpike. The pictures I snapped this weekend at the wedding contained the blue of a September sky, unique to this month only. They also featured the beauty of potted mums. I love mums.

Everyone talks about how the Spring season brings us a chance at starting anew, about how Spring offers us a clean slate. We are to bloom once again after being dormant for however long. While I recognize the beauty of Spring, Fall offers us that same chance. Flowers that contain such beauty, such color and are still hardy, able to withstand harsh winds and the literal change of time, bloom during these early Fall days. Deep rich colors, colors that stick with you long after they’ve faded.

Mums in the Sun

White Mums

More Mums

I love the Fall. I love the sights and smells and changes the season brings. I love sweatshirts and jeans. I love jackets and boots. I love pumpkins and the color orange. (But not spices.) I love it all, I really do. I also love how it reminds me that beauty comes even after people stop expecting it. The newness of Spring has already come and gone. The long Summer days with their multitude of flowers have come to an end. And yet, beauty remains. Beauty always remains.

This year, Fall has brought about some extra changes in my life, in our collective life as a unique family unit. When I first learned of the changes, I felt uneasy. Change is not always an easy feeling, an easy thing to accept. I can now say, like the hardy mum, I am ready for wherever this new path on our journey takes us. I am happy to be experiencing it along with those that I love and trust. I am happy to be in the midst of this beautiful life, this beautiful mess. (You can read more about the changes, the beauty, here. Mums photographed above are just a sampling of the beauty from the wedding.)

Welcome, Fall. Shine your beauty upon us all.