Working Mom #Fail

I’m kind of upset with myself.

We’re experiencing our first out-right scheduling fail since I went back to the out-of-the-home work force this past October. Even though I’m (very) part time, I have dropped the ball. Big time. As you know, we’re camping right now. I’ve had to leave for four hours per day to work on one of my freelancing gigs. But we’ve got family all around us and the boys enjoy playing with their cousins, grandparents and associated extended family members. The leaving every day is not the problem.

I work every third Saturday at the newspaper. It just so happens to be this Saturday. I didn’t think anything of it for various reasons. I figured I would take all of my clothes, dirty laundry, books and what not home so that we would have a lighter load when we return home Sunday afternoon. And that would be fine, because the boys’ program was Sunday afternoon. So, I’d get back Sunday morning, laugh as they sang and danced on stage and we’d all go home, happy and relaxed.

Except… the program is on Saturday.

Did I mention this is the first year that LittleBrother has attended class and thus this will be his first year preforming in said program?

#Fail, #fail, #epicfail.

Yes, my mom can record it with our Flip… if I teach her. And yes, most likely FireDad will be able to get back to camp on Saturday to watch the boys sing and dance and smile and such. And yes, the boys will even survive without my presence. But, man, I’m feeling way guilty for many reasons. For not being more organized and realizing the scheduling flub while I could have fixed it. For somehow short-changing our younger son when I was at his brother’s first program ever. For choosing to work outside the home. For everything. For nothing.

But, man, the guilt. And, yes, I’ll get over it. But when I look back at BigBrother’s first program, at the same camp, I get kind of weepy that I won’t be there to see my little Bubba stand there and refuse to sing, too. So excuse me for a moment while I feel sorry for myself.

And since I’m doing that, here’s a video of BigBrother’s first program (navy blue striped shirt).

And, even funnier, here’s a brief, one-video song from last year’s program. BigBrother is a ham (green striped shirt).

Oh, memories. I’m really kind of sad that I won’t be there to make the memories with them this year. Thank goodness for technology. (And, yes, I realize we could have much greater problems. But I’m still upset with myself.)


Spanish Buzz(x2) Goes Camping

In case you didn’t figure, yes, Buzz Lightyear is camping with us. (As are Woody (x3), Jessie, Bullseye, all of the Green Army Men, four aliens and various other small characters.) Since seeing Toy Story 3, the boys have been pretending to be Spanish Buzz. FireDad thinks that is absolutely hilarious.

I walked out on the porch of our cottage to find two of our three present Buzzes posed in a Spanish Buzz fashion.

Spanish Buzz 1

This is an original Buzz Lightyear toy. It was my brother’s back in the day.

Spanish Buzz 2

I don’t know the date on this Buzz, but he’s also kind of old.

So, yes, we’re camping with the Toy Story gang. Would you expect any less from us?