Loving Early Spring

We still needed gloves the other day. But LittleBrother didn’t care.

Early Spring Bubbles

Neither did Callie.

Early Spring Bubbles

No gloves needed this weekend though. We’re excited to get outside and blow more new bubbles from the Easter Bunny and play with the dog and throw baseballs and run and yell and breathe clean air and omg, not be sick anymore.

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Dispatches from Camp: Bubbles

Oh man, I love bubbles.

We’ve been making our own bubbles a lot this summer, but we’ve had one small problem: a shortage of bubble wands and sticks and general funnery. Do you know what the best part of mid-summer is? Retail stores start to freak out and speed time along and thus put all of their summer stuff on clearance. I scored a bucket of bubble wands and general funnery for $3.00 the other day, bringing it back with me to camp.

The boys are thrilled.



As did a bunch of other little kids from around our cottage who flocked to the bubble pan as soon as we appeared on the sidewalk and starting sending the bubbles into the air. Must be a kid’s version of a smoke signal.


Nothing like making friends over a wide range of bubble wands.

We’ve also found that it’s a perfect we-just-showered-and-don’t-want-to-get-dirty-before-evening-service type of play. We sat outside tonight, sweating anyway because the air was thick, thick, thick. And we just blew bubbles. I eventually put down the camera and took to the blue pipe because it blows the most bubbles in a row. They squealed and laughed and ran and popped.


And I realized that even this — these innocent days of bubble blowing at camp — these days are numbered. It made me appreciate even the worst of moments that we’ve had thus far (crazy scraped knees, grumpy three-year-old fits, missing FireDad, the incredibly gross heat and humidity). Someday they won’t sit and blow bubbles or chase the ones I blow.

So, for the rest of camp, you can catch me on the sidewalk near our cottage, blowing bubbles into the sky. My own smoke signal warning to other moms that these days are passing by too quickly.