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Babywearing Through the Years

Steph over at Adventures in Babywearing asked to see our favorite babywearing pictures in honor of International Babywearing Week. There is absolutely no way I could choose just one. In fact, the eight that I included in this collage don’t even scratch the surface of my list of favorites. I’m pretty camera happy whilst babywearing. And, so, I present to you my Babywearing Through the Years collage.

Easy reference: left side shows BigBrother and the right side shows LittleBrother. In detail: top row, wearing BigBrother in our first ever mei tai back on The Farm, LitttleBrother in his few weeks of pouch sling wearing in a Gorgeous Baby pouch sling; small square pictures, l to r, wearing BigBrother in our all camo mei tai from Mei Tai Carrier on the 4th of July 2007 while pregnant with LittleBrother (I’m awesome, no?), taking a hike in our local state park with BigBrother on my back (I’m a tree hugger, get it?), LittleBrother’s first ride on my back in yet another mei tai from Mei Tai Carrier, and cuddling up in our Peekaru Babywearing Vest; bottom row, winter babywearing BigBrother in a MaM Babywearing Cover and more early days of babywearing with LittleBrother in yet another one from Mei Tai Carrier. (Yes, we have four. No, I can’t say enough about MTC. Seriously.)

(Also? That collage could also be named: Look at FireMom’s Numerous Hair Changes in a Two Year Time Span! Right? And it’s even different now than the Peekaru picture. I am a hair chameleon.)

I was introduced to slinging just before BigBrother was born. We had a mass-produced sling that worked just fine for getting him to sleep in those early (and somewhat cranky!) days. When he was a bit older, I bought a Snugli having done no research on babywearing itself. We quickly departed from that and switched to an Ellaroo Mei Hip. From there we discovered Mei Tai Carrier and never looked back until LittleBrother was born. With him, we did fully discover the beauty of ring slings (none of which made it into my collage, humph). He did not, however, enjoy our pouch sling(s) and so Ivy of The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness got my favorite one (it’s also pictured more throughout her blog). (But more on her later this week!)

When BigBrother was younger, I said I couldn’t live without babywearing. As the mother of two boys who are two years and one week apart, I can honestly say that I couldn’t survive without it. Like the day that I had to take two huge containers of fire truck shaped cookies to BigBrother’s preschool and FireDad was at work? I put LittleBrother on my back, got BigBrother out of the truck, grabbed the containers of cookies and had BigBrother hold onto the mei tai strap while we walked to the school and up the stairs. Other things like raking the lawn or even taking a nature walk without the stroller make it very clear how lucky we are that we discovered babywearing when we did.

Anyway, Steph is hosting a giveaway over on her blog post and you could win a sling from Nonny & Boo. Not that we particularly need another sling in the Fire Family but I’m  hoping to win as a gift to a dear friend of mine who is expecting another baby. (You know who you are, my love!)

And I just reviewed a great book about babies today. I loved it! Go see!


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