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Quiet(ish) Nights

Quiet Nights

These not-quite-winter nights—cold and dark—force us inside. Where we used to play football, take walks, and chase each other around the yard, we now huddle in the living room after dinner.

We play games on some nights, but most nights we find ourselves curled up on the couch—together—reading, snoozing, and generally being in each other’s presence.

BigBrother made his way through a number of Christmas chapter books already, while LittleBrother tackled a couple as well as the Christmas storybooks that didn’t get wrapped for our 24 nights of books. I’m reading a number of books—poetry, creative inspiration, religion, and something to make me laugh.

Lots of reading. Lots of talking about reading.

All of it feels especially nice right now as it takes place in the light of our Christmas tree.

All of it feels especially nice right now as it takes place with my family.

I’m trying hard not to wish away the days, not to speed through the season, not to complain about the cold or whine about how I’d love to get back outside as a family. I’m trying to look at little moments like these, with my husband and sons cuddled together on the couch in a world of our own, and simply be present.

Quiet Nights



52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Twister

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Twister

I don’t know why they look like that exactly.

Our Advent Activity instructed us to play a game in front of the tree. They picked Twister. I told them to set it up, and they did.

The camera happened to be out and sitting right next to where I planned on spinning the spinner—a job I chose so that I didn’t have to bend and contort my overly full belly into odd shapes. I’m smart like that. So, I told them to strike a pose.

They posed like that. I literally laughed out loud.

Apparently Twister in front of the Christmas Tree calls for tough guy arm crossing and looks. I think we should recreate this photo in ten years when they’re 17 and 19, one home from his first semester of college and the other wanting to spend time with his brother he missed for four months.

Yep. I think we will.